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Vermont Law School seeking federal loan to ease debt costs

VLS officials said the school has put the worst of its financial woes behind it, and the proposal would fund a land-lease transaction involving its 15-acre South Royalton campus.

Lyndon, Johnson state colleges to consolidate administration

Chancellor Jeb Spaulding says the move will cut costs by creating one larger college with two campuses and more resources.

Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union Act 46 Study Committee meets with state consultant

Editor’s note: This article is by Derek Carson, of the Bennington Banner, in which it was first published July 14, 2016. ENNINGTON — The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union’s Act 46 Study Committee met with a consultant from the state for the first time, and began to strategize the best ways to come into compliance with […]

Jamaica votes to leave Leland & Gray school union

As Act 46 merger talks continue, some want school choice in Jamaica. The town currently operates its own elementary school and sends students to the regional Leland & Gray Union Middle and High School.

Burlington College appears unable to repay all creditors

Board Chair Yves Bradley said that, even with the sale of the land where the college was located, he does not expect the school’s remaining assets will cover its bank debt.

Marlboro College begins reversing enrollment decline

Administrators say a new scholarship program offering free tuition to students in all 50 states has boosted the incoming freshman class by nearly 50 percent over last year’s. Enrollment had dipped below 200 in recent years.

Elmore School’s obituary premature, says superintendent

Despite what some recent headlines said, the recent district merger with Morristown puts the one-room school in a better position, according to the superintendent.

Investigators: Rights of pupil with hearing loss were violated

The Human Rights Commission found grounds to believe that a middle school broke the law when it failed to ensure all teachers wore a special microphone.

Burlington School Board offers pay-for-benefits tradeoff

The district and the Burlington Education Association presented arguments for their respective positions before a neutral fact finder recently in hopes of jump-starting stalled contract negotiations.

Act 46: Poverty drives rift between Upper Valley school districts

A plan to create a regional high school in Windsor has failed to gain traction because parents in wealthier towns don’t want to give up school choice and send their students to what is perceived to be a poor town.

State board’s Act 46 ruling ‘tearing apart’ Windsor Southeast, superintendent says

The board rejected the proposed merger of three choice districts and the lone school district in the area that operates its own school.

Vermont offers universal pre-K this fall

The program starts this fall and is available to all families, regardless of income.

Vernon to vote on leaving regional school union

In an effort to preserve local control and school choice amid the statewide push for Act 46 mergers, the Vernon School Board has scheduled an Aug. 9 townwide vote on whether to drop out of the Brattleboro Union High School District.

Bennington businesses to have voice on local Act 46 committee

“Business needs a voice,” said Marie Shutts, director of operations for the chamber, who is joining the study committee. “Local employers are frustrated with not being able to fill vacancies because the graduates do not possess the skill set necessary for those positions.”