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Legal, logistical concerns hinder Act 46 talks in Brattleboro

With deadlines rapidly approaching, some are still pushing for an “accelerated” school district merger encompassing all five towns in Windham Southeast Supervisory Union. But legal questions, public complaints and the withdrawal of one town lead some to say it can’t happen.

Burlington schools announce principals’ new assignments

The changes include a new leader at the city’s only public high school. District officials also gave an update on the number of teachers who are expected to be laid off next year.

Education Agency wins tug-of-war over control of licensing

Legislation would have moved all licensing of speech therapists to the Office of Professional Regulation. And the agency won’t be subject to a study of whether it should continue to license educators at all.

Woodstock’s girls-only dress code assembly prompts backlash

According to a parent, a teacher “explained to the school’s girls that when they don’t comply with the school’s dress code, they are distracting the boys.” That’s a damaging message, the parent said, because it blames girls rather than holding boys accountable for their behavior.

House resolution urges Congress to address student debt crisis

Students that borrow federal money for college are currently barred from applying for bankruptcy.

Arlington, Sandgate weigh Act 46 merger options

Editor’s note: This article is by Derek Carson, of the Bennington Banner, in which it was first published May 3, 2016. ARLINGTON — The Battenkill Valley Supervisory Union hosted a public forum on Wednesday to give an update on progress under Act 46. The BVSU has been working with state Act 46 consultant Steve Sanborn […]

Senate panel raises property taxes for 2017

Taxes went up under the Senate bill because lawmakers decided not to apply the entire Education Fund surplus to the tax rate this year.

Agency: Glitch in law gives merging districts chance at windfall

Newly unified districts could increase their spending “tremendously” the first year, said Brad James, finance manager for the Education Agency, and hand most of the bill to “everybody else in the state.”

Winhall to look at district merger with other school choice districts

Study committee with explore merger with Stratton, Sandgate and Searsburg, which are all part of other supervisory unions.

Vernon bows out of Act 46 talks

As an Act 46 study committee in Windham Southeast Supervisory Union continues to examine an “accelerated” merger of all union districts, Vernon School Board members say they’ll no longer participate due to concerns about school choice and other issues.

Burlington College meets with accrediting agency about probation

The probationary period is set to end in July. Last week’s meeting was an opportunity for Burlington College to report on its efforts to improve its finances and increase enrollment, said college President Carol Moore.

Education board asked to offer fix for concerns about pre-K law

House Speaker Shap Smith and others turned to the board after hearing that the law is entrenching economic inequities, although some educators say there’s no hard evidence. Either way, the board chairman says this would be new territory.

Early-education survey highlights public-private differences

The results showed that public school programs had the most-qualified and best-paid instructors, while child care that is based in family homes had the least-educated and lowest-paid workers.

Champlain college adjuncts, administration nearing end of first ever contract negotiations

Adjuncts say that full-timers are getting paid at least twice what an adjunct does for time teaching a class.