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Willem Post: Biodiesel from sunflowers in Vermont — another RE folly?

As part of the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative, Green Mountain Power hopes to reduce consumer costs, CO2 emissions and other pollutants. It has teamed up with several “pioneering” farmers who grow sunflowers.

Tom Pelham: Don’t wait until after the election

The key question before Vermonters this election season is can our legislative leaders and governor change their ways and chart a course of sustainable spending.

Jack Hoffman: State policy choices make a difference

Jon Margolis did a nice job of popping some campaign balloons earlier this week with his column about the Vermont economy.

Bill Schubart: Will free-market capitalism survive our abuse of it?

Conservatives believe it suffers from too much regulation and taxation, while liberals believe it needs more of both.

Elizabeth Courtney: A warning from the future

The year is 2393 and the writer is a scholar from the Second People’s Republic of China, documenting — on its 300th anniversary — the history of the Great Collapse.

Viki Williams: Take the money and run

With warp-speed competitive zeal a 1% band of investors, developers and manufacturers is very busy blanketing the landscape of Vermont with solar fields.

Peter Sterling: Single-payer a true solution

Simply throwing more of our tax dollars for increased payments to hospitals and health care providers is like painting over the rusty spots on your car so it can pass inspection.

Steve Dale: South Burlington School Board leading critical conversation

It was entirely appropriate for the South Burlington board to offer an alternative health insurance package in an effort to curb increases in property tax rates.

John McClaughry: Vermont’s fiscal future – cloudy at best

Here are six unavoidable issues for 2015.

Mark Whitworth: Big wind’s public relations problem

A new WCAX poll shows public support for wind plummeting from 66 percent in 2013 to 50 percent now.

Peter Stromgren: Vermont’s economic development program needs overhaul

We are hanging on in hopes that better times are around the corner with no real plans to create a more vibrant economy.

Jim Merriam: Charting the future of Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont is convening a series of community forums across the state. From Lyndonville to Bennington, we will be seeking input from Vermonters about what our priorities for the next three years should be.

Patricia Moulton: VTDigger’s EB-5 story inaccurate

The more than 260 pages of emails and documents provided to VTDigger clearly showed that the state has been in constant contact with the Jay Peak project, demanding better communication between Jay Peak and its investors, and with the state.

Barrie Dunsmore: The media’s incessant drumbeat

Never has there ever been so readily available, so much information. Sad to say, this instant information does not come with instant knowledge or wisdom.

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