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Jason Lorber: LGBT rallying cries

Discrimination against us isn’t new. Violence against us isn’t new. Having members of our community killed isn’t new. And rallying together isn’t new.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: Words for the grads

Why should you listen to me? It’s simple. I’m here to tell you to do as I say, not as I did.

Bill Schubart: The dangerous fauna of Vermont

I went to a fairly low-rent summer camp for a week on Lake Eden and, while there, first met leeches. We called them “bloodsuckers.”

Dan Jones: To revitalize Vermont, listen to the young people

Unless we address the housing and transportation needs of young people, we are just not attractive enough to them to keep the economy functioning.

Jenna Whitson: Celebrating Vermont’s innovative climate economy leaders

VCRD’s Climate Innovator Stories demonstrate Vermont’s ingenuity and creativity and tell the collective story of Vermont as a national climate economy leader.

Walter Medwid: Vermont’s moose mismanagement

Despite the severe moose population deficit, the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s recommendation to the Fish and Wildlife Board of 160 moose permits was accepted by the board without a single vote against the proposal despite a host of alarms going off.

Jay Eshelman: The tyranny of the majority, the tragedy of the common

The problem isn’t that legislatures do a poor job. The problem is that legislators do too much of almost everything.

Fred Kenney: VEGI program requirements protect taxpayers despite layoffs

The VEGI program works to protect taxpayers and avoid the need for incentive recapture, even if a company has layoffs.

Nancy Tips: Windham in Wonderland

We’re not normal down here in Windham, and haven’t been since Big Wind, in the form of Spanish mega-corporation Iberdrola, came our way.

David Deen: Aquatic exotics — be safe, not sorry

The Connecticut River Watershed Council asks all river users to protect the Connecticut River and its tributaries from exotic plants and animals.

Tom Pelham: The Golden Dome squeeze

Over the past six years, the “needs of the group” have won substantial favor at the Statehouse over the “craving for individual freedom.”

Mike Mrowicki: The Legislature’s — and Vermont’s — long and winding roads

With another Legislature adjourned, we finally have the breathing room to look back — and look ahead.

John McClaughry: Charles Koch’s ‘Good Profit’

The mere existence on our planet of the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch drives Sen. Bernie Sanders to torrents of outrage.

Don Keelan: Health care’s future will value coding over caring

We have, in effect, turned our medical providers into data entry clerks and telephone negotiators.