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Ben Doyle: Arts education is not a luxury

If we truly believe that to succeed in the 21st century students will need to be creative, entrepreneurial, collaborative, and resilient, we simply can’t afford to marginalize the arts.

Hayden Dublois: Weighing the education financing system

Leaders in Montpelier seem to be completely unresponsive to the tax struggles of citizens, with no substantive reforms materializing since Gov. Shumlin took office.

Susan Alexander: Working Lands Grants lead to partnerships and growth

Vermont Switchel Company was one of the recipients of the first round of Working Lands Enterprise grants, and that grant has made a big difference for our company.

Ron Krupp: The garden season of 2014

This was a bumper year for tomatoes in my garden, and most of my vegetables grew with abandon.

Allan Rodgers: How to save the Vermont State Colleges

After having spent nearly eight years as a faculty member in the VSC, I have one conclusion: we have done the students wrong.

John McClaughry: The coming administrative state

The Great Administrative State leads to citizen powerlessness. It will ultimately crush citizen initiative, restrict liberty, and reduce its citizens to subjects.

Joe Benning: The vote for governor

This legislator feels a responsibility to explain his intended vote to his constituents.

Barrie Dunsmore: An ignorant electorate

Jonathan Gruber may be an arrogant elitist, but he is small fry among the long line of politicians who have repeatedly shown contempt for American voters.

Scott Woodward: ERISA employers the linchpin for Green Mountain Care

Woodward chart

Federal law generally pre-empts state government from directly compelling ERISA employers to participate in schemes such as Green Mountain Care and, absent some indirect stick or carrot, there is little the state can do.

Maeve McBride: Time’s up, rise up!

I am a mother, a scientist and a person of faith. I have two boys ages 4 and 8, and I will forever be their protector. This is the first reason I occupied the governor’s office, because they are in danger.

Sandra Levine: Vermont Gas pipeline is a poor choice for Vermont

When the ballooning cost of the Vermont Gas pipeline to Middlebury soared by 40 percent the project proponents simply pushed the cost of the project on to future generations and then claimed the long payback justified the exorbitant cost increase.

Steve Wark: Phase 1 + Phase 2 = Rutland

The combined economic and environmental benefits of the first two phases of the Addison Rutland Natural Gas Project make it doable for Vermont Gas to extend the significant public infrastructure advantages of natural gas to the residents and businesses of Rutland County.

Walter Medwid: Time for change in managing Vermont’s wildlife

The default to hunting values over ecological or wildlife-watching and eco-tourism interests reflects a serious lack of serving the entire public’s interests.

Bob Stannard: Sitting on a rock

There are many folks who don’t understand why normally intelligent human beings bundle up and sit on a rock in the freezing cold for hours in hopes of seeing — and perhaps shooting — a deer.

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