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Roi Ankori-Karlinsky: Expelling our kids to prison

-+*School discipline policies, both nationwide and here in Vermont, are hurting our students, our teachers, our safety and our wallets.

Don Rendall: Gas pipeline opponents miss the big picture

-+*The cost of home heating is a challenge for too many Vermonters. Our aim is to offer more households a practical, affordable choice.

Tom Pelham: The budget gap — part real, part malarky?

-+*Unfortunately, the “budget gap” has replaced the concept of “sustainable spending” that reliably guided Govs. Snelling, Dean and Douglas.

Bob Stannard: The King Is Gone. The King Has Gone Away

-+*We played the BB King Nite Club on that Friday night. Floyd and his family and friends stopped by for our last set. There were rumors that maybe BB would be joining us for a song or two, but it didn’t happen.

Mary Cushman: Beverage industry 2, Vermonters 0

-+*The sales tax on soft drinks is not the obesity prevention tool more than 60 Vermont organizations were calling for.

David Sunderland: Election Day message completely ignored

-+*Vermonters expected the governor and Legislature would make real, transformative and lasting change …

Don Turner: Business as usual in Montpelier isn’t working

-+*With a large majority of the House being made up of Democrats and Progressives, we were unable to accomplish many things we believe Vermonters asked for loud and clear.

Greg Marchildon: Will ratepayers ever see benefit from pipeline?

-+*As the PSB reviews Phase 1 Addison Natural Gas Project once again, AARP remains concerned that significant cost overruns and incomplete economic impact analysis will lead to approval of a project that will not benefit ratepayers nor the state overall.

Rob Roper: Bernie begs the question …

-+* Since Bernie Sanders came on the scene, income inequality in our state has gone from an insignificant problem to one of the most striking examples of the phenomenon in the nation.

Mark Hage: Time to boycott Ben & Jerry’s

-+*Despite what it knows and the values that define its corporate identity, Ben & Jerry’s refuses to stop the business practices of its Israeli franchise in Occupied Palestine.

Peter Shumlin: Progress for Vermont

-+* We had an agenda focused on jobs, quality of life, our environment, and making Vermont a place that works for everyone, not just those who are already doing well.

Don Keelan: Has legislating become too complicated?

-+*One must wonder is it possible for our elected legislators to give the proper attention to today’s complex matters?

John Killacky: At ‘Home’ on Broadway

-+*Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home” became a publishing sensation, then it was adapted into a musical, and last month, it transferred to Broadway and has been nominated for 12 Tony Awards.

Steven Sinclair: Buy local — burn local

-+*Transported firewood is a major vehicle of invasive pests such as the emerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle.

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