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Sam Lincoln: Farm-raised kids get uncountable gifts

It was 30 years ago this month, my 12th birthday on a dairy farm in Randolph Center, that I received a brand new Stihl model 011 chainsaw from my folks.

Chuck Ross: Agriculture is critical to our communities, economy and landscape

As I look toward the future, I have no doubt the future of agriculture in Vermont will be very bright.

Sandra Levine: Pollution vs. bold climate action

When it comes to climate change, the upcoming election poses stark contrasts that pit pollution against bold climate action.

John Fairbanks: The dangerous fraud about vote fraud

After the Shelby County v. Holder decision, several states moved quickly to enact laws ostensibly aimed at combating voter fraud but actually designed to make it harder for non-white voters, who are presumed to vote Democratic, to exercise their franchise.

Jennifer Brunton: To the CCV administration

Most of the people in the administration at CCV seem to be kind and idealistic people — some, exceptionally so. Is it possible you are unaware of the plight of your faculty?

Arthur Hendrickson: Carbon tax or sales tax?

So far, the carbon tax bills that have been proposed in the Vermont Legislature have complicated ways to spend the money by adjusting the sales tax, creating new programs and contain discriminatory tax credits.

David Cherry: Wind energy and ethics

Assessing the need for industrial wind farms and their siting requires ethical values.

Matt Dunne: Climate change and fiscal prudence

We must divest state assets from fossil fuels that are damaging our environment and fossil fuel companies that are clearly undertaking deceptive practices related to fossil fuels.

Jameson French: Meadowsend is part of the solution

We see the development of the Stiles Brook Wind Project as the best path to continue environmentally conscious and sustainable management, promote rural vitality, and help fight climate change.

Jane Palmer: Testifying before the Act 174 Working Group committee

The prospect that any project will receive a certificate of public good regardless of what any private citizen does or says indicates that it really doesn’t matter what kind of illusion of participation the public is granted.

Peter Langella: Locker room talk

When a college acquaintance told the dean that she was raped by my friends, I didn’t believe her.

Bill Schubart: The right to vote is also a responsibility to vote

To vote is easy. It’s choosing your candidate that isn’t.

Dean Whitlock: Marijuana legalization’s range wars

The issue this time isn’t grazing rights. Instead, it’s marijuana rights, and the core of the issue is local control.

Bob Stannard: For better or worse, in sickness and in health

There are three marriages in the news lately, and two of them are on the rocks. The third seems to be holding up pretty well.