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Tom Pelham: Calling on fortitude

Budget management is not the economists’ responsibility, it’s the governor’s.

Jay Mitiguy: Sugar-sweetened beverage tax onerous to business, customers

As a fourth generation business owner employing 65 Vermonters, I am concerned that the beverage tax will result in higher costs for my customers and more barriers that hurt small businesses.

Willem Post: Wood burning power plants in Vermont?

Vermont, one of the poorest states in the U.S. with a fragile economy, cannot afford to turn over a major part of its economy to expensive renewable energy production.

Scott Woodward: The importance of health care price transparency

Woodward chart

The clearest and most plausible idea that would reduce the impact of the cost-shift is to increase health care price transparency.

Michael Badamo: The case for cannabis

Cannabis is a blessing, not a curse, and the law ought to start recognizing that fact.

Karen Gross: Where are the voices of college presidents?

Today’s educational leaders are vacating the bully lectern — even on issues related to their own campuses.

David Brynn: Sweet freedom and unity

One of my favorite recollections of sugaring in Vermont is the tradition of annual maple meetings held in the cold days of January.

John McClaughry: Reality check for the do-everything state

With no ability to print money to cover looming deficits, no realistic prospect of “stimulus” payments from Washington, and little or no prospect for increasing the tax burden, it is now crunch time in Montpelier.

Judy Fisch: Science, doctors support fluoride

Water fluoridation is one of the most effective choices communities can make to prevent health problems and improve the oral health of all residents.

Chris Granda: Good news from the Vermont Total Energy Study

The study shows that there is enough renewable energy available in our region to allow Vermont to shift almost entirely away from fossil fuels, and to meet the current state goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Andy Robinson: Vermont is a great place to do business

In 2002, I moved my business and my family to Vermont. Since we arrived, the business has grown every year, so our adopted state has been a great place to own and run a business.

Bruce Lisman: Administration’s credibility has slipped away

Recent events in Montpelier cause me to shift my attention to the competence of this administration.

Bob Stannard: David Maxwell, a giant of the blues

It’s hard to describe the level of generosity and graciousness that flowed from this man.

Bea Grause & Judy Tartaglia: Moving health care reform forward

Health care has to change for the sake of our patients and our economy.

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