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Rebecca Foster: Vermonters cannot be bought … or sold

At the very moment that WCAX was running a prematurely leaked story asserting that Cornwall “has now reached a deal to accept the project,” the select board was, in reality, getting skewered by a few dozen irate people for betraying their trust.

John Franco: The right church, but the wrong pew

The governor’s leveraging idea is a sound one, but using a reduction in the Medicaid cost shift is a very ineffective way to provide relief in premiums.

C.B. Hall: Books beat computers for student learning

The cost of computers for all students blatantly outweigh its benefits – if any.

David Sunderland: Three fiscal facts you haven’t heard

For five years, Democrats have refused to listen to the fiscally responsible voices of Vermont, and they have refused to listen to their constituents.

Douglas Gladstone: Recognition sought for stonecarver

Sen. Patrick Leahy needs to put on his cowl and cape and help the late Luigi Del Bianco.

Shumlin: Economic growth is key to agenda for progress

If we’re to really make progress for Vermont families, we need to combine increased affordability with expanded job growth and economic opportunity.

John Fairbanks; A change is gonna come

In about 30 years, America will become a white-minority country. The face of the nation will change, literally, and with it, our politics and our culture.

Don Peterson: Partisan politics unwelcome

Dottie Deans’ comment that those who reject the governor’s renewable energy policies are ranting against accepted science is just the kind of parochial thinking that dooms meaningful progress in saving the planet from self-inflicted incineration.

Rebecca Holcombe & Wendy Geller: Response to Penn State policy brief on education reform

Holcombe Chart 2

We are concerned this report does a disservice to the powerful conversations some school boards and communities are having about ensuring stability for their schools and children.

Lawrence Miller: Addressing the cost shift will benefit business

Increasing Medicaid reimbursement rates makes good sense because it will leverage federal money to reduce the rate of growth in private insurance premiums paid by businesses and individuals.

John McClaughry: Shumlin’s budget – more centralized government

The governor declared that “tax raising won’t work” to solve the deficit. Before he was done, however, he was back into tax raising.

Samuel Ghazey: How a tax can help Vermont’s people, economy and climate

What is required to avoid many of the projected repercussions of climate change is for us to begin to internalize the costs of climate change into the price we pay for the commodities that are causing them.

Wendy Wilton: The problems with the governor’s payroll tax

Typical of Mr. Shumlin’s proposals, it sounds good at first but a closer look at the details reveals the devil in the mix.

Tom Torti: A rational approach to health care reform

The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce broadly supports Vermont’s attempt to reform our health care system.

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