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Mary Powell: Giving cancer no quarter

This past fall, following my sister’s decision to get genetically screened and finding she carried a cancer gene, I opted to follow suit.

James Haslam: The time is now for a real democracy

Is the Statehouse still the People’s House, or have political parties become so distanced from us that they simply renege on public agreements and promises, ignore state law, and make decisions behind closed doors?

Moulton & Markowitz: The many benefits of clean water

Vermont’s prosperity is closely tied to our land-based economy and healthy natural environment.

Don Turner: The right to bear arms

Our respect for firearms and the Vermonters who own them is part of what has made Vermont what it is today – one of the safest states in the country.

Peter Shumlin: Helping Vermonters succeed

We need equal pay for men and women to be not just the law but the reality.

Barrie Dunsmore: Putting Iran’s actions into context

Iranians have some compelling reasons for being anti-American.

Charles Johnson: Sacrificing at the altar of energy

Something big is missing from our public debates about industrial wind turbines on our ridgelines.

John McClaughry: The Legislature’s final four

It’s too soon to predict how differences between the House and the Senate will be resolved, but the outline of their likely product is emerging.

Rama Schneider: Tweaking the school governance bill

H.361 is missing a method to balance political power so governance consolidation does not become a way for larger communities to force school closure and consolidation on smaller communities.

Paul Ralston: Taking patent litigation reform to the next level

Vermont’s Attorney General has been aggressive in pursuit of these bad actors, but there is only so much one state can do. We need Congress to pass a comprehensive, national solution.

Dylan Zwicky: RESET opposition illogical

It’s not clear why Energize Vermont — an organization that claims to support renewable energy and efficiency — is fighting so hard to block this important step forward.

Robert Feuerstein: Vermont’s problem is spending, not revenue

Feuerstein graph

Since revenues basically equal spending in Vermont, that means revenues and spending grew almost 85 percent while the state economy grew 56 percent.

Mary Boyer: Town plans need elevated status in energy siting decisions

The authors of Section 248 never contemplated the emergence of merchant power and the speculative development of renewable energy sources.

Brett Ann Stanciu: One small Vermont school

I know school funding and the state’s budget shortfall are the knottiest of issues. But is the solution to close small schools that not only work, but are flourishing?

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