Kevin Jones: Not as green as it looks

Not all so-called solar energy deals being offered locally are the same, and more and more of them, through complex contractual terms, do not actually sell the solar energy to the customer whose electrical account is used to support the transaction.

Telly Halkias: How Robert Frost saved my life

American poet Robert Frost (1874-1963). Library of 
Congress photo

I was 13 when I first read Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall,” and it changed me forever.

Dan DeWalt: Vermont joins the war on women

The sordid history of women murdered by armed men violating restraining orders hasn’t taught us anything? Or do we just not care?

Larry Mandell: A shift in focus for Public Assets Institute’s second decade

PAI 1 percent

We can move toward a Vermont that works for all by making different choices, consciously developing policies that get the state back on track.

Heidi Spear: H.883 – ignoring the funding formula, again

The Agency of Education and the Legislature have utterly failed struggling communities for a long time, providing no leadership, effective supports or appropriate incentives to align interests and better serve students and taxpayers.

Ron Krupp: Farm and food initiatives flourishing

The Farm to Plate initiative is designed to boost the food and farm economy in Vermont.

John Replogle: Toward a non-toxic Vermont

Senate Bill 239 asks the Department of Health to identify toxic chemicals of “high concern,” and require makers of products containing these hazards to seek safer alternatives or a waiver.

Susan Clark: Deliberate speed on education governance

If we’re serious about making systemic change in Vermont education, mandates aren’t the answer. What we need is an authentic, heart-to-heart conversation.

Walt Amses: Bottlenecking

Microbrews flow from microbreweries whose size insures quality but limits capacity, infusing a reverence once reserved for fine French wines.

Art Woolf: How good are Vermont schools?

Woolf chart

Just about everyone in the state believes that Vermont students’ performance is better than almost any other state in the nation. This article challenges that assessment.

Bob Helm: Good public policy comes from sharing ideas

The American Legislative Exchange Council provides a forum where legislators, business leaders and policy experts can come together to share ideas about state policy from a limited government, free market perspective.

Dawn Griffis: A proposal for real universal health care, pension and benefits

Obamacare is a start, but it is far from what was originally proposed and is needed.

John McClaughry: When imagination fails, raise school property taxes

The Legislature is raising the two school property tax rates, and trying to find some new brake shoes to slow down local spenders without hammering them over the head with state spending restraint mandates.

Annette Smith: GMP’s Rutland ‘Solar Capital’ all wrong for Vermont

Rutland solar

Nobody should be surprised by the easily anticipated opposition to the numerous proposed solar projects that are part of Green Mountain Power’s Rutland “Solar Capital” initiative.

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