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John Sales: Surging glaciers are dying glaciers

These glacial “advances” are some of the most often cited evidence against global warming. However, they are actually strong evidence for global warming.

Paul Ralston: Participatory democracy

Serving as an elected official in Vermont is an important undertaking.

Rob Roper: Divestment of fossil fuel stocks is bad policy

Divestment politicizes what should be the non-political function of funding state pensions in the most efficient and effective way possible.

William Bazyk: Reining in special education spending

If school district were to be required to contribute more local dollars, it would spur innovation and efficiencies that would lead to better programing for students.

Linda Olson: Funding higher education for Vermonters

AFT Vermont has come up with a plan that will create more resources for public higher education without diverting resources from other necessary programs.

Ron Jacobs: The long road to marijuana legalization

It is important that people do not face legal repercussions for possessing or buying marijuana any longer.

Offie Wortham: If MLK were here today …

Dr. King’s “dream” remains deferred for many minorities and the poor in America.

Jack Hanson: Vermont’s renewable energy controversy

Solar panels on the side of the road, or wind turbines on top of a mountain, is a small price to pay for the wonders that cheap and abundant energy provides us.

Erik Hoekstra: Burlington’s housing crisis

We need a tax policy that is fair to all residents.

Johannes Wheeldon: 20 years of restorative justice in Vermont

Today, there are 20 community justice centers delivering services to youth at risk, victims, Vermont communities affected by crime, and those responsible for criminal offenses.

Michael Livingston: Stress affects student learning

For educators and parents, it is essential to understand the relationship between stress and learning, and to help students manage their stress so that they can learn.

Hans Ohanian: The Vermont Energy Plan vs. the Paris Climate Accord

The devil is in the details of the energy plan, and the details are left fuzzy.

John Klar: Our constitutions have never been more relevant

If government could be trusted to observe and preserve the rights of citizens, we would not need such documents or ideas.

K.C. Whiteley: Steps to divestment

Divesting from fossil fuels is the right thing to do for our personal financial futures and has the added benefit of being the right thing to do for the environment.

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