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Patricia Sears: For older workers in northern Vermont, ‘remote’ doesn’t have to mean ‘removed’

With new job-information and transportation services available, older residents are aiming to contribute more to northern Vermont’s revitalization.

Walt Amses: All bets are off in GOP race

The longer Trump remains in the race, the worse the rest of the field looks trying to siphon off some of his support by becoming almost as unelectable as he is.

Eileen Rodgers: Central planning comes to your neighborhood

Climate change has been a very convenient phenomenon. It has given a sense of validity to all sorts of projects the big guys support.

Heidi Scheuermann: Is Act 46 the solution Vermonters wanted?

Rather than embrace a solution that would alleviate property taxes and return local control of our children’s education to those who know them best, Montpelier chose to consolidate more power in the hands of the state.

Brian Dubie: Wind turbine noise — what you can’t hear can harm you

Some people will say wind turbines are not that noisy. Well, that depends on how far from the turbines and how many turbines there are.

Bob Stannard: A fork in the road

Who stands to gain from a nation that seemingly can no longer come together over anything of importance?

Bill Schubart: Human rights and the human migration

The migration chaos in Europe gives us a glimpse of an accelerating global crisis.

Tyler Resch: Col. William Marsh — patriot and loyalist

A biography of Marsh paints a fresh portrait of Vermont’s perplexity before, during and after the American Revolution.

Don Keelan: Giving back to those who have given much

For the fourth year, the Vermont Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament invited 37 young men and women who had served in the military during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to be honored guests.

Randy Brock: Little Vermont vs. the software giants

The WIPROs of the world may be needed in the short term, but we must build IT competence into state government right now.

Megan Palchak: Vermont’s child welfare system needs a watchdog

Why does a system designed to protect vulnerable children and promote healthy families, staffed by trained and well-intentioned professionals, fail so tragically and so completely?

Ron Krupp: Climate change is here to stay

Ever since Tropical Storm Irene flooded the slopes and valleys of Vermont, we’ve been much more aware of how climate change is affecting our lives.

David Blittersdorf: A brighter energy future for Vermont

Picture homes, businesses and public buildings powered by solar, on their roofs and in their backyards, and wind farms majestically and quietly powering our state.

David Coddaire: Individuals have role in delivery of better health care

As a family physician and president of the Vermont Medical Society, I have a number of suggestions for the patients who are consumers of health care, which is essentially all of us.

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