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Mary Alice Bisbee: Building a needs-based budget

It is during hard times when we need more money to address the needs of all Vermonters.

Debby Haskins: Task force findings on marijuana’s harm underreported

The task group’s work was framed as a “what if” question: What if marijuana were to be legalized? It was not framed as a done deal.

Greg Hamilton: Sen. Leahy, renew the AIDS fight

We need to build upon the successes we have made around the world to treat and prevent HIV, not go backwards.

Rebecca Foster: Fossil fuel reality check

Throwing more money at fossil fuels is becoming harder to defend by the day.

Don Keelan: Postpone the race to legislate recreational marijuana

What is behind the need to push through this controversial legislation with so much drug-related issues unresolved and getting worse?

Tom Pelham: The out-of-balance budget

It’s up to House Minority Leader Don Turner to unwind the poor choices recently enacted by coalescing better ideas and organizing around them a “centrist coalition.”

Phil Scott: Legislature must focus on the fundamentals

We’re all in this together, so I’ll start the discussion by offering my priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

Bob Stannard: Make America great again? Look to Italy

There was a time when Americans took pride in their jobs and their country.

Tyler Resch: ‘Vermont in the Making 1750-1777’ clarifies history

Matt B. Jones’ book was published in 1939 as the first full-length objective examination of Vermont’s quarter century that preceded its Declaration of Independence.

Bruce Lisman: Terrorism, Syria and Vermont’s security

Gov. Peter Shumlin’s first priority following Paris seems to be exploiting the tragedy for political gain and bullying his opponents.

Rebecca Holcombe: Giving thanks to teachers

Our state is full of educators who quietly go above and beyond to support our children, knowing that if they don’t, nobody will.

Patrick Leahy: Let’s resolve to end hunger

Each and every day, millions of Americans face the uncertainty of not knowing when they and their families will have their next meals.

Mark Whitworth: Degrading our defenses

In the past few weeks, two of the architects of Gov. Shumlin’s energy policies acknowledged that the policies will have no impact on climate change.

Peter Shumlin: Reversing the trend of rising incarceration rates

It costs a staggering $62,000 per year to lock up an inmate in Vermont.

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