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Heidi Spear: Serious education funding reform proposals

Year after year, political leaders have kicked the education funding problem down the road, setting the parameters of our formula, base education amounts, tax rates and excess spending thresholds as if nothing were amiss.

Don Keelan: Need to fix what we have

It would be a surprise if those in power decide to avoid venturing into new frontiers of legislation and instead, repair/revisit those laws that have failed to achieve their intended results.

Ben Civiletti: Service, community and climate change

On Nov. 1 – the Button Up Vermont Day of Action – Vermonters are working in a variety of ways, in communities across the state, to raise awareness about the benefits of tightening up our leaky homes and buildings.

Randy Brock: Voter fraud in Vermont — fact or fiction?

As someone who in 2006 lost a statewide election by a minuscule 102 votes, I wanted to know if there was voter fraud in Vermont.

Mari Cordes: A message from health care professionals

Like you, instead of sensationalism, we want sensible action to protect you, and to protect workers from Ebola.

Catherine Rader: Embrace your civic duty – Vote on Nov. 4

Voting is the one time when all citizens have an equal say in standing up for the issues and priorities that matter most to us and our community.

Don Turner: The Freedom and Unity Plan

We found candidates young and old, from vastly different backgrounds and experiences. They felt that Vermont needs a fresh voice with new positive influence.

Shane McCormack: Agree or disagree?

There is no race in Vermont this year that offers more interesting and substantive distinctions on policy matters than the race for attorney general.

Kristin Sohlstrom: Give Vermont its independent voice back

The Vermont I now know has a major disconnect between the citizens and the Legislature that is supposed to be representing them.

Don Schramm: Vermont can be a leader in the climate movement

Many Vermonters, including state pension holders, are calling on Peter Shumlin, Beth Pearce and the Vermont Pension Investment Committee to divest from fossil fuel companies.

William J. Mathis: School funding – gimmicks and fixes

Folks campaigning on the property tax and school spending issues have a particularly hard problem — they have to come up with something better.

Alison Lane Anand: Out of the red and into the mud

Why the proposed Chittenden East school merger cannot deliver what it promises.

Dean Corren: Property taxes are too high for middle-income Vermonters

School taxes should be related to Vermont homeowners’ ability to pay, that means our income.

Mary Alice Bisbee: Elect those who support single-payer

We will be better off to stick with the current health care goal for 2017 than to change the top horse in midstream and get mired in the mud.

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