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Joe Benning: Marijuana legalization – it’s time

A middle school student at Camels Hump Middle School recently sent me a wonderful letter arguing for the legalization of marijuana.

Don Keelan: Vermont’s Wounded Warriors

The Vermont Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament will assist in raising the spirit of the Vermont Wounded Warrior, as well as those men and women who have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

William Mathis: Equity and inequity in early education

Vermont’s new preschool education law has a number of devilish details that need fixing else we weld into place a system that inadvertently increases, rather than reduces, socioeconomic segregation.

Tim Jerman: Let the spin begin

The Vermont Republican negativity machine is in full gear after the legislative session.

Heidi Scheuermann: Need for responsible leadership

Montpelier must do a better job balancing the needs of Vermonters within our current economic and revenue realities.

Justin Lindholm: State-owned shooting range needs greater safety measures

At the new shooting range in Hartland, a village as well as Interstate 91 are in a direct line of fire beyond its backstop.

Joseph Gainza: On race and the earth

The Charleston killings and the pope’s encyclical highlight, in totally different ways, the tragic separation from one another and from the natural world so many feel, and which our economy and culture do so much to exacerbate.

Peter Burmeister: Local foods culture merits recognition and support

EXC The majority of the young budding entrepreneurial vendors at farmers markets are not originally from Vermont. They have moved here, seeking the wholesome, supportive lifestyle that only this state can provide.

George Karabakakis & Harold Johnson: A philosophy of transparency

Recent coverage of HCRS in your online publication has created several impressions that call for clarification.

Gordon Bock: Praise Pallito; shun Shumlin

So, what gives, Governor? You put addiction on the front burner. You created a new law — and a new system — to deal with it in a new way.

Robert Wellington: Agri-Mark supports gas pipeline

The switch to natural gas at Middlebury should enable our farmer-owned business to lower our costs by a substantial amount of money and utilize a much cleaner, safer and dependable energy source.

Ken Schatz: Working together for a stronger child protection system

The level of public interest and discourse in crafting, modifying and ultimately supporting S.9 demonstrates that child protection truly is a community concern in Vermont.

John McClaughry: Protecting our private spaces

Your private space belongs to you, and if you aren’t engaging in criminal activity, the long arm of the law cannot reach into it.

Tom Pelham: Whacking the middle class

Pelham chart

In the end, it’s the middle class that will pay the higher property taxes, sales taxes and income taxes.

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