Denise Smith: Policies for a clean lake

Why does the conversation about how best to protect Lake Champlain deteriorate so quickly?

Don Keelan: No such thing as a free speech

If I had the time to start another career, it would be the establishment of a business entity that would be named The Keelan Speakers Bureau, LLC.

Heidi Spear & Cyrus Patten: Building IT systems and our technology sector

Large corporations and the federal government are moving to the public cloud in a huge way. Why isn’t the state of Vermont?

Barrie Dunsmore: More than a cease fire needed

Although there has been an almost permanent “peace process” involving the Israelis and Palestinians, what has dominated the decades is the endless cycle of attacks and reprisals.

David Deen: The surprises that await

After releasing a fish in a pool, a patient fisher finds a comfortable spot to sit while waiting for the pool to recuperate and fish to begin feeding again. While hanging out, all kinds of interesting things happen.

John Franco: A digestable way to single-payer

With global budgeting, Vermont can achieve significant immediate health care savings by fundamentally changing the way we pay for hospital and other related services.

Rama Schneider: Of education and opportunities

The inability of Vermont’s House of Representatives to push through wholesale, centrally mandated school district consolidation has presented us with an opportunity to restate a basic Vermont value: local voices matter.

Dan DeWalt: Hopeless cycles of violence

Israel and Palestine are engaged in an asymmetrical war of occupation and resistance.

Gaelan Brown: Compost powered heat

Imagine being able to heat water, buildings and greenhouses using energy captured from compost without buying or burning any fuel.

Matthew Andrews: A call for peace and an end to military aid for Israel

As a candidate for Congress I am compelled by a deep sense of ethical responsibility to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people.

John McClaughry: School consolidation, charters and choice

Vermonters should be asking, “Can’t we find a better model that gives children more value from a given amount of tax dollars?”

Elizabeth Courtney: The Millennials — you gotta love ‘em

The “heroes” of the new millennium must clearly grasp the urgency of the climate crisis and be ready to take important steps to address it.

Guy Page: Despite EPA ‘pass,’ Vermont faces carbon reduction challenges

If we are truly concerned with our environmental footprint, then Vermont must pay attention to how our imported power is generated, and conserved.

Barrie Dunsmore: The end of the world? Hardly.

The gravity of our current perilous condition is enough to give even a hard-nosed old reporter a sense of impending doom.

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