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Steve May: Carbon tax means predictable economic environment, energy independence

Having control over our energy future is essential in the face of an uncertain world.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: Inside education

Unfortunately, the chief qualifying credential for being an education expert is you can’t be a teacher.

Madeleine Kunin: Expecting perfection

What has changed for Hillary Clinton is that she has emblazoned the word “ambition” on her forehead by declaring that she wants to be president.

Barrie Dunsmore: Fear-monger-in-chief

Trump is offering a fairy tale. And that makes me nervous.

Harry Chen: Refugees and the public health question

There is no significant public health risk associated with 100 Syrian refugees coming to Rutland.

Rob Roper: Potential post-election tax increases

Just look at the tax and spending proposals that are on the table for tapped out Vermonters to contemplate for 2017.

Peter Burmeister: The sad state of farmers markets

As a vendor at four farmers markets, I find myself one farmer amongst a tiny minority of the sellers. The rest of the vendors are purveyors of prepared foods made with 0 percent Vermont ingredients.

Eileen Andreoli: The F-35s in Vermont – the elephant in the room

Why would Vermont’s elected officials even consider supporting an environmental pollutant that will cause property devaluation, and impose such health and safety risk as the F-35s?

Bill Schubart: A call for transparency in the EB-5 matter

Press efforts to rightfully obtain public records through FOIA requests are being met with delays and price tags designed to stonewall disclosure.

Bob Stannard: Fear the bugs

What fears me most these days is tiny critters that live in the tall grass and chill out on trees waiting to lethargically drop onto your shoulder and work their way under your skin.

Walt Amses: Sunshine daydream — or America: The Beer, etc.

“America” — the rebranded effluent of a beer produced by Budweiser — will be on the shelves until Election Day.

Sue Prent: Culture of exploitation must stop

I agree that it is unlikely that Norm McAllister woke up one day at the age of 60+ and became a serial abuser.

Namaya: As a white guy, does racism affect my life?

As a white, middle-aged man, living in a predominantly white community, racism can be a ghosted shadow drifting invisibly by.

Josh Fitzhugh: Channeling Ethan Allen

Some thoughts on what the Ethan Allen might see in Vermont today.