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Gov. Shumlin signs largest investment in transportation infrastructure in state history

News Release — Governor’s Office June 2, 2014 MORRISVILLE – Gov. Peter Shumlin today signed the FY 2015 Transportation Bill, which contains the largest investment in transportation infrastructure in state history. The bill approves $685.7 million in infrastructure improvements and maintenance, and supports the Agency of Transportation’s (VTrans) vision of a safe, efficient, multimodal transportation […]

Should Vermont loggers be licensed?

Fred and Beverly Grout and their son Luke forced loggers off their property, and now must repair the damage that was left. Photo by Hilary Niles/VTDigger

A 20 acre cut and blocked stream in Barre illustrate a need for improved woodlot management and the limits of enforcement options to ensure it.

Agricultural alchemy: Manure + brewery waste could yield biofuel

Matt Cota (from left), executive director of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, Chuck Ross, secretary of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, and Richard Altman, executive director emeritus at the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, announced a project to research biofuel technology Tuesday at the Nordic Dairy Farm in Charlotte. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger

USDA awards Vermont Fuel Dealers Association grant to research biofuel technology in Charlotte.

Coalition wants teeth in ‘current use’ penalty’s bite

Clarkson 1024x638

A coalition of interests is working to return to an old way of charging penalties for taking property out of the “current use” land conservation program.

In This State: At Jasper Hill Farms, a magical alchemy yields award-winning cheese

Mateo Kehler takes a sample from a 35-pound wheel of Cabot clothbound cheddar being aged in the innovative ripening cellars at Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro. Three years after building the $3 million facility, the "caves" are producing award-winning cheeses and unraveling the science of aging cheese. Photo by Andrew Nemethy

The Kehler brothers, digging deep into the science of aging cheese at their ground-breaking ripening cellars, are boosting Vermont’s cheeses and already making waves in the industry.

Vermont farmers concerned over ‘one-size-fits-all’ food regulations

FSMA hearing 2 THUMB

FDA hears objection to proposed rules from Vermont groups that say changes don’t take into account the needs of small and organic farm operations.

In This State: Love of farming is at the heart of scenic Mettowee Valley

Metowee Ken Leach THUMB

Under pressure from development in nearby Manchester and Dorset, family farmers and the Vermont Land Trust work to save some of the best farm land in the state.

VPIRG delivers 30,000 signatures in support of GMO labeling law

vpirg bernie THUMB

Since the beginning of May, canvassers have spoken to more than 50,000 Vermonters and collected approximately 30,000 signatures in support of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) labeling.

In This State: At Allenholm Farm, everything’s coming up apples

Lodi apples, for of the season, are on sale at Allenholm Farm in South Hero. Photo by Dirk Van Susteren

“I’ve been told Allenholm Farm is the oldest commercial apple orchard in the state,” says owner Ray Allen, whose ancestors settled on Grand Isle in the 1780s.

What’s in a label? Possibly the source of your food


Experts say labeling genetically modified foods could confuse consumers. Vermont Senate to take up bill in January.

Maroney: Keep the farm bill separate from food stamp nutrition funding

The original rationale for joining nutrition programs with the farm bill has broken down and the two should be considered separately.

20 Twinkies a day in junk-food commodity subsidies, study claims

Apples to Twinkies THUMB

About $2 million a year in Vermont taxpayers’ money goes to crops used in junk-food production, U.S. Public Research Group says in report.

Irasburg farm cited for high levels of antibiotics in beef

Lawson Farm THUMB

Lawson Farms barred from selling cattle for human consumption until it improves record-keeping.

Welch blasts House farm bill that splits off nutrition programs


‘This is not a farm bill. This is a leadership-designed train wreck,’ Vermont congressman says.

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