Taylor Dobbs

Taylor Dobbs

Taylor Dobbs is a freelance reporter based in Burlington, Vt. Dobbs is a recent graduate of the journalism program at Northeastern University. He has written for PBS-NOVA, Wired and Seven Days Newspaper.

Email: tdobbs@vtdigger.org

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    UPDATED: More than 800 sign on to Taser moratorium

    The same day advocates called for a moratorium, Shumlin held a press conference where he defended the use of Tasers by law enforcement.

    Rock slide blocks highway lanes on I-89, exit 6 to Barre

    Debris reached into both of I-89's northbound lanes shortly after a landslide the morning of July 16. VTrans workers cleared the left lane, but say the right lane will take much longer. VTD Photo/Anne Galloway

    I-89 North near Barre was congested on Monday after a landslide covered the highway just south of exit six. One lane of traffic was open in the early afternoon. Agency of Transportation workers were on site clearing the debris they could while the agency sent equipment to the site to clear clear larger rocks, an […]

    Vermont State Police trooper arraigned for felony charges, details of fraud emerge in affidavit


    According to data released by the Department of Human Resources, Deeghan was the seventh-highest-paid state employee in Fiscal Year 2011 and the sixth-highest-paid in Fiscal Year 2012.

    Brock’s overtime presser misfires as attention shifts to Maine GOP governor’s “Gestapo” comments

    Randy Brock said that Shumlin's investigation into possible criminal activity by a state trooper isn't a large enough step in what he says is a "systemic" over-spending on overtime in Vermont. VTD Photo/Taylor Dobbs

    Brock said there was no connection between the LePage press availability and the impromptu presser in which he called for an analysis of overtime spending.

    Vermont State Police sergeant committed time sheet fraud, Shumlin says

    Colonel Thomas L'Esperance called time sheet padding by former Sgt. James Deeghan a "betrayal." VTD Photo/Taylor Dobbs

    In a hastily arranged press conference, the governor said a “two-track is investigation taking place immediately.”

    FTC numbers spur Sanders allegation that big gas station owners are gouging customers


    Sanders says four companies own 58 percent of the gas stations in the Burlington market and hints this might be the reason for the discrepancy in prices.

    Federal judge says state can use sovereign immunity defense in state workers’ overtime suit

    VTrans Thumb

    The case now turns from the question of salary versus hourly pay to whether or not the state has waived its sovereign immunity, thereby consenting to lawsuits around labor issues.

    Tasering police officer not fully trained for mental health crises

    David Shaffer deployed his service Taser X-26 into the chest of Macadam Mason, 39, of Thetford. Mason's significant other says he dropped dead on the spot. Creative Commons Photo/Flickr user hrcanska.

    Failed legislation would have stripped David Shaffer of his Taser.

    Donovan steps off campaign trail this week to celebrate birth of son

    His wife, Jess, gave birth to their second son on the afternoon of July 3rd as fireworks were being prepped on Donovan’s home turf, Burlington.

    Some Bolton Valley residents have been without water since June 28

    The water system, owned by Burlington-based real estate firm Redstone, serves 160 connections and has been on the fritz since last Wednesday, when they discovered a problem.

    Proposed 2012 Farm Bill would hurt food stamps program, create insurance program for dairy farmers

    Rep. Peter Welch, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Patrick Leahy got together Monday to talk about the farm bill passed through the house in June. VTD Photo/Taylor Dobbs

    The real threat, they said, lies in a more drastic proposal from Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, and his allies in the House.

    Certificate of need OK’d for state hospital replacement beds

    The certificate of need, issued by Steve Kimbell, commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation, gives the go-ahead for a $15.2 million statewide project.

    Development association calls for moratorium on big wind in Northeast Kingdom

    Lowell wind Thumb

    The resolution carries no legal weight and could not by itself keep such a project out of the region. That decision remains under the Public Service Board’s purview.

    Donovan picks up VSEA endorsement

    The Vermont State Employees Association, a union of about 6,400 state workers, endorsed Democratic attorney general candidate TJ Donovan Thursday in a strongly worded show of support. In a statement released by the Donovan campaign, VSEA president John Resse said, “For too long Vermonters have gone without an Attorney General who understands what working and […]

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