Don Turner: The Freedom and Unity Plan

We found candidates young and old, from vastly different backgrounds and experiences. They felt that Vermont needs a fresh voice with new positive influence.

Shane McCormack: Agree or disagree?

There is no race in Vermont this year that offers more interesting and substantive distinctions on policy matters than the race for attorney general.

Kristin Sohlstrom: Give Vermont its independent voice back

The Vermont I now know has a major disconnect between the citizens and the Legislature that is supposed to be representing them.

Don Schramm: Vermont can be a leader in the climate movement

Many Vermonters, including state pension holders, are calling on Peter Shumlin, Beth Pearce and the Vermont Pension Investment Committee to divest from fossil fuel companies.

William J. Mathis: School funding – gimmicks and fixes

Folks campaigning on the property tax and school spending issues have a particularly hard problem — they have to come up with something better.

Alison Lane Anand: Out of the red and into the mud

Why the proposed Chittenden East school merger cannot deliver what it promises.

Dean Corren: Property taxes are too high for middle-income Vermonters

School taxes should be related to Vermont homeowners’ ability to pay, that means our income.

Mary Alice Bisbee: Elect those who support single-payer

We will be better off to stick with the current health care goal for 2017 than to change the top horse in midstream and get mired in the mud.

Margaret Newton: Medicare is safe no matter Nov. 4 outcome

We Medicare beneficiaries have nothing to fear.The state of Vermont cannot administer its program.

Bob Hartwell: What Senate Democrats must do

The Senate has weakened itself in recent years; it was easy to stand up to a Republican administration; the real task is to stand up to a Democratic administration.

Bob Stannard: Politics – the Vermont way

This off-presidential election year has proven to be much more entertaining here in Vermont than most other states.

Don Keelan: Return Browning and Livingston to Montpelier

Notwithstanding their political persuasions both candidates have several things in common — the welfare of the towns they represent and the direction that state government is heading — these are bedrock positions a state representative must bring to Montpelier.

Ron Pulcer: Candidate websites – the good, the OK and the non-existent

How well do their websites or social media sites perform or provide useful information to voters and constituents?

Cyrus Patten: A vote for reform is a vote for our public education system

The buzz is building around the need to reform Vermont’s education system and for good reason.

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