Bob Hartwell: A prescription for change

If the Democratic legislative majority does not take serious action to work to change direction, it will be the next target of voter ire.

Martha Allen: Attacking teachers won’t make schools better

The Vermont School Boards Association now seems to think that their fellow Vermonters who teach our children have it too good.

Stephen Dale: A fair deal for all Vermonters

It’s time for educators’ health care benefits to be brought more in line with other Vermonters.

Patrick Leahy: Senate floor statement on Keystone XL Pipeline

This pipeline is one of the most striking examples of how our unquenchable thirst for oil is destroying our environment.

Don Keelan: Nonprofit boards can be toxic

It is no wonder so many capable Vermonters are just saying no thanks when asked to serve on local nonprofit boards.

Rick Davis: The access and quality gap in Vermont’s child care system

When it comes to choosing a child care provider, many Vermont parents may not feel like they have much choice available to them.

Matt Cota: The cleaner, greener home heating oil

On July 1, 2014, the Clean and Green Oilheat Initiative went into effect.

Tom Pelham: Don’t punish Vermont’s taxpayers

Patching together annual budgets that grow at 4 to 6 percent with one-time funds, cost shifts and other budgetary gimmicks when the underlying economy is growing at less than two percent is not OK.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: In search of instructional leaders

The contemporary definition of “instructional leader” is predictably jargon-laden and virtually meaningless, resting on “core beliefs” and abstractions like “facilitative leadership” and “a culture of public practice and reflective practice.”

Ann Ingerson: Your watershed group to the rescue

It will take sustained effort to help our waterways regain health and become more resilient to severe storms.

Tom Sullivan: On the value of a liberal education

What should be the purpose of a college education and what should it accomplish for the student?

Bea Grause: Lower costs, cover everyone, protect choice

Vermont’s not-for-profit hospitals look forward to working with the Legislature to advance policies essential to providing more affordable health care for every Vermonter.

Rob Roper: Jonathan Gruber has no credibility to vet single payer funding plan

Jonathan Gruber has been all over the national news, bragging about how he and others misled us “stupid” American voters into supporting (or at least not actively opposing) the Affordable Care Act under false premises.

Leigh Seddon: Remembering Noel Perrin, solar pioneer

Noel Perrin shows off his solar array, the first in Vermont to be connected to the grid, in March 1991. Courtesy photo.

Noel Perrin was the first Vermonter to interconnect a solar electric system with the grid, a decade before the concept of “net metering” and “spinning your meter backwards” would become law in Vermont.

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