Lisa Chalidze: Setting the standard

Before rushing to judgment on highly publicized police killings of unarmed people, let’s try to figure out by what standard we should be judging our officers.

Bob Stannard: A great week in America

June is always a big month for the Supreme Court of the United States, but this June proved to be nothing short of incredible.

John McClaughry: The local economy solution

In a new book, Michael Shuman says that the traditional “economic development” model of chasing after large companies with huge taxpayer subsidy deals is absolutely the wrong way to revitalize a crippled or stagnant local economy.

Andrew Pond: Working with Act 46

Act 46 provides a great opportunity to take a step back and see if there are ways we can provide a better education for our children by joining together with our neighbors.

Walt Amses: Vtel’s corporate divide and conquer

Vtel systematically destroys the aesthetics of neighborhood after neighborhood, inexorably marching toward their goal of 180 communications towers across the state before their corporate welfare dries up.

Barrie Dunsmore: The real news on weather disasters

If I were running a network, I would greatly expand the coverage of why we have such extreme weather.

Bill Schubart: Phinxter the cat

Looking small and confused on the floor of our kitchen, the still nameless kitten relieved himself mightily. I muttered under my breath, “Oughtta name him sphincter.”

Tyler Resch: Who was Moses Robinson?

Moses Robinson is described as “the most important founder of Vermont you never heard of.” But by the time you’ve read the book, Moses Robinson will almost come alive.

Hayden Dublois: Five statewide economic reforms

This commentary is by Hayden Dublois who lives in Manchester, and is a political commentator and strategist who writes a biweekly op-ed column for the Manchester Journal. He is an economics student at Middlebury College. He was the Bennington County coordinator for Scott Milne’s campaign for governor in 2014. idden beneath the low unemployment numbers […]

Rebecca Ellis: Vermont’s energy policy addresses climate change

The question is not whether climate change will happen, but whether we can mitigate against the most damaging effects. Now is not the time for apathy.

Rob Roper: Study will provide cover for higher property taxes

Tucked away in the education bill just passed in Montpelier – the one that has everybody talking about consolidation – is $300,000 earmarked for a study.

Joe Benning: Marijuana legalization – it’s time

A middle school student at Camels Hump Middle School recently sent me a wonderful letter arguing for the legalization of marijuana.

Don Keelan: Vermont’s Wounded Warriors

The Vermont Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament will assist in raising the spirit of the Vermont Wounded Warrior, as well as those men and women who have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

William Mathis: Equity and inequity in early education

Vermont’s new preschool education law has a number of devilish details that need fixing else we weld into place a system that inadvertently increases, rather than reduces, socioeconomic segregation.

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