David Deen: Just let them grow

A riparian zone serves ecological functions disproportionately large relative to its small land area.

Jen Kimmich: Reflections on Irene

As another Irene anniversary passes, I urge my fellow Vermonters to not just reflect on that which we have lost – but think about what we must do to protect our future and strengthen our state.

Mark Higley: Debating the governor’s MOUs

What are the realities of these goals for my constituents and future Vermonters?

Trine Bech: Making the child protection system work

The Vermont child protection system is too often experienced by parents as a punitive system.

Sue Racanelli: Taking stock on Women’s Equality Day

There is more — much more — to be done to get us further down the road to equality for all women.

Felicia Kornbluh and Gwendolyn Mink: Poor mothers don’t matter in welfare policy

Far from empowering families economically to rise out of poverty, welfare reform has proliferated policing mechanisms against poor people while repudiating the original purpose of welfare: income support to help custodial parents make ends meet.

Bill Stenger: Jay Peak’s positive actions toward water quality

An Aug. 19 VTDigger article falls short in providing timely, accurate and balanced reporting concerning the ground-breaking settlement agreement reached in February between Jay Peak Resort, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Vermont Natural Resources Council.

William J. Mathis: Demography, education and economics

Two recent Vermont reports suggest we embrace a broader and more interactive view of society and education.

Rob Roper: In age of Uber, ‘Right to Work’ makes more sense than ever

The way the economy functions is changing, and with it the way we live our lives, both as workers and as consumers.

Rama Schneider: State Board of Education not living up to standards

At its regular meeting of July 24 the Vermont State Board of Education went into an illegal executive session so as to receive legal advice regarding Act 46.

Stannard: Who cares?

The year is 2115. The place might be anywhere. Two old men, Stan and Bill, are reminiscing.

Keelan: The veterans of WWII

Of the approximately 856,000 World War II veterans still alive, about 2,000 live in Vermont; among them are 28 at the Vermont Veterans’ Home in Bennington.

Tyler Resch: 20 essays describe ‘the new Vermont’

If you are disheartened by stories of poverty, drug abuse and crime in today’s Vermont, you may be cheered by this book of uplifting essays that describe an up-and-coming progressive state.

Tom Zenaty: Misunderstandings about DCF

We must remind ourselves that massive checks and balances go into the day-to-day work of child protective social workers.

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