George Harvey: End life support for fossil fuels industry

The fossil fuels industry gets its own life support from governments, and that is a huge multiple of what is given to renewable power.

John McClaughry: Facing the school property tax monster

For the one third of voters who must pay the school homestead property tax, the Big Issue this election season is likely to be “Why am I staring at yet another, bigger school property tax bill? Where does this end?”

Walt Amses: The luxury of water

Water itself has become the centerpiece of clamorous debate, over issues ranging from climate change and the environment; and from agribusiness to international terrorism.

Martha Allen: Rob Roper has the right to be wrong

With all due respect, it is Roper and his tired anti-worker, pro-corporation mantra who are out of touch.

Mark Whitworth: A moral response to climate change

Vermont has some substantial blocks of undeveloped land that will be essential to climate adaptation, but even the most remote parts of Vermont are experiencing development pressure.

Paul Burns: Bad news for fracked gas in Vermont

The huge cost overruns are just one more indication that this fossil fuel boondoggle is not in the best interest of Vermonters.

John Freitag: Why I switched from Democrat to independent

Never did I think that I would be faced with the decision to leave the political party which I have spent the last 40 years working with and which I felt had done much good for our state.

Bob Stannard: Don’t You Lie to Me

Have you ever heard of Jody Hice? If not, in all likelihood you will be hearing more from this man then you had hoped.

John Killacky: Remembering Joan Rivers

Comedians Jason Lorber and Joan Rivers at the Flynn in April 2012. Courtesy photo

Two years ago, I was nervously waiting for Joan Rivers to arrive for rehearsal at the Flynn. I expected a feral tigress; instead I welcomed a kindly grandmother type, chicly dressed in black.

Mike Ryan: Propane pricing and winter supply

In the last several days a very promising new initiative has emerged in the form of a U.S. Senate bill, the Propane Supply and Security Act of 2014.

Bethany Barry: Not on our watch

We will not let the heart of our state get overrun by Gaz Metro/Vermont Gas and International Paper.

John Moran: Livable wage and a healthy economy

While Vermont’s pristine beauty is ideal to promote tourism, any industry that exists through underpaying its workers should be examined by all responsible citizens.

Sarah Kenney: Reflections on the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act, passed in September of 1994, was a groundbreaking piece of civil rights legislation.

Heidi Spear: Vermont education funding system needs complete overhaul

If we want Vermont to be more affordable or for our state government to be able to invest in other priorities, such as higher education or mental health, we need to contain preK-12 education spending.

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