John Reilly: EB-5 a flawed program with poor results

Why is the government selling immigration visas to foreigners in exchange for substantial investment in economic development programs?

Walter Poleman et al: Protecting the forests

Pending legislation is an important first step, and also sets the stage for further work over the summer and fall to explore additional ways we can protect our forests and working lands.

Brett Ann Stanciu: The value of place

In the well-intended concern to equalize opportunity, let’s not level so profoundly we diminish what’s uniquely valuable in our schools.

Walt Amses: Linked out

On vacation in Europe, the theft of our iPad, camera plug-ins and charging devices illuminated just how reliant on technology we’ve become, even those of us who think we aren’t.

Monica Donovan: Growing a cannabis economy for everyone

With both Canada and Massachusetts moving toward legalization in the near future, it’s Vermont’s economy that will find itself losing.

Bill Schubart: Legislative false economies

As the legislative session winds down, it’s time to consider what happened, what didn’t, and more important, why?

Steve May: Informed consent — cannabis and ‘Tax & Regulate’

To have watched the cannabis and opiate legislative fights this term, one can’t help but feel like these conversations are happening on Pluto.

Martha McSherry: Cannabis legalization and civil rights

It is time for representatives in the Vermont House to take a deep breath and legalize, control and regulate the cannabis market.

Julia Maisto: Corrections must report facts and figures

Racial statistics are but one of many of the statistics omitted in the Department of Corrections FY 2015 Facts and Figures.

Islam & Eng: Resuscitating single payer health care

A single payer plan cannot be executed in a vacuum. While all incumbent health care stakeholders may not be appeased, their concerns should be openly addressed.

Don Keelan: Impact of a $15 minimum wage

A sector that has been consciously absent from the debate in bringing the minimum wage to $15 per hour has been the nonprofit sector.

Mary Powell: No apologies for salary

Annette Smith tries to shame me personally in an effort to increase support for her cause.

T.J. Donovan: Creating a more level playing field

Vermonters should be able to find employment opportunities without being disqualified because they made poor decisions earlier in their lives that led to a criminal conviction.

Michael Ware: Don’t drink the Teflon

Why does the U.S. government, seemingly obsessed with the safety of its citizens regarding possible terrorist attacks, allow big industry and agro-giants to pollute our air, food and water with potentially thousands of carcinogens?