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    Art Woolf: How good are Vermont schools?

    Woolf chart

    Just about everyone in the state believes that Vermont students’ performance is better than almost any other state in the nation. This article challenges that assessment.

    Bob Helm: Good public policy comes from sharing ideas

    The American Legislative Exchange Council provides a forum where legislators, business leaders and policy experts can come together to share ideas about state policy from a limited government, free market perspective.

    Dawn Griffis: A proposal for real universal health care, pension and benefits

    Obamacare is a start, but it is far from what was originally proposed and is needed.

    John McClaughry: When imagination fails, raise school property taxes

    The Legislature is raising the two school property tax rates, and trying to find some new brake shoes to slow down local spenders without hammering them over the head with state spending restraint mandates.

    Annette Smith: GMP’s Rutland ‘Solar Capital’ all wrong for Vermont

    Rutland solar

    Nobody should be surprised by the easily anticipated opposition to the numerous proposed solar projects that are part of Green Mountain Power’s Rutland “Solar Capital” initiative.

    Poor Elijah’s Almanack: The fruit of arrogance

    I’m tired of empty rhetoric masking decisions that every day impede efforts to improve our schools by the people who are actually in our schools. I’m tired of leaders who mouth and swallow empty words.

    Rob Roper: Robbing the poor to give to the powerful

    The windfall of child care unionization will benefit some of the most powerful special interest organizations in Montpelier, and represents a very ugly side of crony politics.

    Jim Merriam: Efficiency Vermont builds on record of success

    In the year 2000, Vermont embarked on a ground-breaking experiment. It created the nation’s first “energy efficiency utility” – Efficiency Vermont – in recognition of the fact that the cheapest and cleanest unit of energy is the one that you don’t use.

    Noah Noyes: Mandated reporting needs clarity

    As most Vermonters are likely aware, criminal charges were brought against two school administrators, a colleague and me, last summer.

    Stannard: In the Dominican Republic, a different kind of freedom

    Alison Stannard, Helen Whyte and Ross McIntyre standing under a sign that says it all. Photo by Bob Stannard

    We think of this country as being a Third World country, which it is, but if you spend time here you realize that they appear to enjoy a different degree of freedom than most Americans.

    Tom Buckley: CCTA board committed to our employees and the community

    The recent strike demonstrated that important work needs to be done within CCTA to improve employee relations.

    Deb Markowitz: A healthy environment helps sustain a healthy economy

    At ANR we are deeply aware of the connection between healthy lifestyles, our pristine natural environment with easily accessible mountains, forests, lakes and streams, and a thriving local economy.

    Tom Pelham: Barking up the wrong tree

    The burden is on the House Education Committee to provide the definitive Vermont specific data that shows Vermont’s smaller school districts have student outcomes statistically inferior to those of large school districts.

    Bill Schubart: Weather or old age?

    This winter wasn’t particularly noteworthy for record snowfalls or temperatures but it could set new records for length.

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