Neil Brandt: Research was mischaracterized in Whitworth commentary

While I’m flattered that Mr. Whitworth chose to cite my research in his writing, I would have appreciated being contacted so I might provide some answers and insight about the findings.

Lyman Conger: Government debt out of control

On Oct 9, the U.S. debt clock showed the per taxpayer federal debt to be $152,900 and increasing.

John Sales: America is mismanaging energy

Liquid fluoride thorium reactors are inherently safe, have way less waste and shorter toxicity. We have a thousand years’ supply.

Rebecca Jones: Considering health and climate change together

Consider the following ways climate change is making us sick: temperature-related illness and death; extreme-weather effects; air pollution; water-borne and food-borne diseases; food and water shortages; emotional impacts from both the weather disasters and the long-term outlook of climate change.

Rob Roper: Medicare’s future in Vermont: What does single payer intend?

There is some confusion out there, particularly among seniors, about what will happen to Medicare if Vermont adopts the single-payer health care program, Green Mountain Care.

Tony Sutton: Phase 1 EB-5 investors respond to Moulton commentary

Ms. Moulton is far more preoccupied with publicly resuscitating the tarnished reputations of her agency, her subordinates, Mr. Stenger and Jay Peak.

Joseph Blanchette: When will Montpelier admit they were wrong?

Breakdowns have characterized our experience with Vermont Health Connect ever since we signed up for the state-run health plan last December.

Rich Nadworny: Adventures in campaign finance land

The NO campaign had not filed a campaign finance report. This seemed odd to me.

Meredith Angwin: Why electric rates are rising

New England electricity is too dependent upon natural gas-fired power plants. And we are about to pay a lot for that dependence.

Suzi Wizowaty: Pointing the finger

We are all responsible for the over-incarceration of our citizens that has resulted in out-of-state placements in for-profit prisons.

Jeff Danziger: The paper business

No one should be surprised if the publisher of the Burlington Free Press leaves the newspaper business for the paper tablecloth and funny hat business.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: First, do no harm

Several studies have recently concluded that the teacher professional development we’re subjected to typically has “minimal to no effects on boosting student achievement,” even when it involves “a lot of hours of training and follow-up.”

Willem Post: Biodiesel from sunflowers in Vermont — another RE folly?

As part of the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative, Green Mountain Power hopes to reduce consumer costs, CO2 emissions and other pollutants. It has teamed up with several “pioneering” farmers who grow sunflowers.

Tom Pelham: Don’t wait until after the election

The key question before Vermonters this election season is can our legislative leaders and governor change their ways and chart a course of sustainable spending.

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