Patrick Leahy: Federal labeling proposal falls short

The proposal released last week in the U.S. Senate does not respect the work that Vermont has painstakingly done in this space, and this Vermonter will not – cannot – support it.

David Kelley: Act 46 — big rewards for thinking inside the box

Act 46 does not reward equity. Act 46 does not reward academic excellence. It doesn’t reward efficiency, transparency or even making voters happy.

Barrie Dunsmore: The media, Brexit & Trump

We are seeing major consequences of what happens when the news media don’t do their job, or do it badly.

Rob Roper: Time to sue climate alarmists?

It’s a very dangerous trend, wherein elected officials are essentially criminalizing the thoughts and actions of their political opponents.

Chaunce Benedict: Our Act 46 bedtime stories need to change

Our current subjection to the continued retellings raises a question: Are our leaders interested in our difficult experience with Act 46, and what the true story tells us is actually needed from their leadership?

Debby Haskins: Commercial marijuana is not the Vermont way

The Vermont House is to be commended for their thoughtful and careful decision, but the Senate deserves its due respect.

Bob Stannard: A tale of two funerals

Contrast the passing of Muhammad Ali with the passing of Donald Trump.

Peter Burmeister: Proposed agricultural practices fail on many levels

I implore the agency to reconsider the urgent timetable for implementation of the required agricultural practices in order to engage in serious dialogue around the concept of regenerative agriculture as a long-term, impactful solution to the issue of agricultural runoff pollution.

Jim Sullivan: S.260’s comprehensive energy planning will allow for greater local input

S.260 recognizes that to make meaningful progress toward meeting our state energy goals action needs to happen at the local level.

Stephen Whitaker: What does Vermont have to show for its $50 million investment in VITL?

Is the Vermont Health Information Exchange just “Vermont Health Connect — The Sequel”?

Jason Lorber: LGBT rallying cries

Discrimination against us isn’t new. Violence against us isn’t new. Having members of our community killed isn’t new. And rallying together isn’t new.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: Words for the grads

Why should you listen to me? It’s simple. I’m here to tell you to do as I say, not as I did.

Bill Schubart: The dangerous fauna of Vermont

I went to a fairly low-rent summer camp for a week on Lake Eden and, while there, first met leeches. We called them “bloodsuckers.”

Dan Jones: To revitalize Vermont, listen to the young people

Unless we address the housing and transportation needs of young people, we are just not attractive enough to them to keep the economy functioning.