Elena Mihaly: Progress five years after Irene

It’s worth asking why our rivers caused so much damage, and what we can do to avoid similar loss of life and property in the future.

Tony Klein: Renewable energy support does matter in elections

Wind power became a central issue in the Democratic primary and the candidate that best articulated the benefits of wind power for Vermont, Sue Minter, handily won.

Walt Amses: Brain injury season

As players start getting ready for the football season, the National Football League has already kicked off its annual propaganda campaign.

Bob Stannard: A good thing gone

Like the days of my youth, The Quarry, as I knew it, is gone.

Daniel MacArthur: The Act 46 maze

As a school board member with a long history of working on educational matters, I have some observations that might help us sort our way through this maze.

Terence Cuneo: A morally wrong decision

By permitting a portion of Geprags Park to be taken by eminent domain, the Hinesburg Select Board has broken the “covenant real” with the Geprags sisters.

Dean Whitlock: Still more questions than answers

A lack of clear data has plagued the marijuana issue from the outset.

Dorothy Schnure: Kingdom Community Wind welcomes the public

The tours are informational and intended to share facts and data about the project and allow the public – supporters and skeptics of wind energy alike – the opportunity to witness them up close.

Peter Miller: I am Vermont broke

With wolves at the door in the bellwether state of Vermont, it’s time to get creative.

Marcia Hill: Thinking about being white

If Vermont is to lead the nation in this struggle about race, one place to start is to think about what it means to be white and what it means to have white privilege.

Deb Markowitz & Vicky Drew: The hard lessons of Irene

As we consider the impact of Tropical Storm Irene, we can see how far we’ve come to be better prepared, and celebrate those who have helped out.

Kathleen Kesson: It takes a community

The personalization of learning is for putting students at the center of their learning and allowing them to pursue their own curiosities, interests and passions.

Suzi Wizowaty: DOJ makes right call on private prisons

The DOJ reiterated what advocates have been documenting for years: Private prisons are both less safe and less effective than those run by the government.

Sue Minter: RGGI good for climate, economy

In Vermont we are proving that we can partner with our neighbors to reduce emissions while also investing in efficiency and renewable energy.