Peter Shumlin: Now is not the time

I have advocated for a publicly financed health care system for much of my public life, but over the past two weeks it has become clear to me that the risks and economic shocks of moving forward at this time are too great.

Joe Benning: Now what?

Perhaps we can renew the health care discussion without the rhetoric that caused polarization in the search for a solution.

Pete Novick: Education funding – We can’t get there from here

An absolute reduction in education costs is what Vermont needs today.

John Odum: Whither Shumlin’s legacy?

Single payer was going to change everything for everyone, and for the better. Or at least that was the plan.

Chuck Ross: Mitigating agricultural impacts on Lake Champlain

I want to take a moment to explain our regulatory and enforcement programs and to outline our current strategy to focus on the northern Lake Champlain watersheds.

Elizabeth Courtney: Bold action on climate change

Today, we have the communications technology that can take a bold, local initiative to a global level in an instant.

Thomas P. Salmon: Vermont Yankee operators ‘done good’

In the mid-1960s the Legislature faced a hard choice: buy hydro power from Labrador or build an instate nuclear power plant. I favored the former.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: Counting to several

Somehow education policymakers and officials aren’t overly troubled by repeated, expensive assessment fiascoes.

Dottie Deans: Winding down and looking ahead

Vermont Democrats heard you during the election, and we listened.

Willem Post: Vermonters can’t afford single-payer

No wonder Democrats waited until after the elections to release the single-payer bombshell onto Vermont’s already struggling households and businesses.

Jim Masland: Health care reform can’t wait

The first order of business for the new Legislature is to develop the financing that will make Green Mountain Care work. It will not be easy by any means.

Barrie Dunsmore: The torture question

The most strenuously debated item in the Sentate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA interrogation methods is whether or not the brutality produced significant intelligence that made the country safer.

Bob Zeliff: Every Vermonter’s vote should count

Scott Milne, Sen. Joe Benning and several other leading Republicans are telling us that the votes of 2,434 Vermonters should not count.

Allison Hooper: Terroir grows from the working landscape

Thirty years ago, Americans didn’t even eat goat cheese. Bob Reese and I started our business in Vermont at a time when it seemed a little bit crazy.

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