Louis Porter: Habitat Stamp will help conserve critical lands

*+-The Habitat Stamp is a voluntary donation of $10 or more that goes towards acquiring and improving habitat on state-owned Wildlife Management Areas.

Don Keelan: Red flags for food providers to the needy

*+-Hunger Free Vermont says that one in five Vermont children go to bed at night not knowing where their next meal will be coming from. How is this possible in Vermont with food so plentiful?

Paul Monette: Why not Newport?

*+-I resent Mr. Loucks’ statement that there is no logical reason to build AnC Bio or any other high-tech industry in Newport.

Marcelle Leahy: The ticking time bomb of skin cancer

*+-May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month — a good time to take note that skin cancer is on the rise, but that we can protect ourselves and those we love.

Jennifer Stella: Questions for the governor on philosophical exemption repeal

Vax chart Stella

*+-If you sign H.98 into law, you are effectively saying to the families of Vermont: “You do not have the right to be fully informed and make medical decisions for your children, and you must now choose between vaccination and education.”

Barrie Dunsmore: GOP candidates’ options for ISIS overblown and not viable

*+-Most of them apparently feel that in 2016 American voters will want their president to get really tough with ISIS.

Walt Amses: No stopping VTel

*+-VTel is determined to build an unnecessary 140 foot tall communications tower in spite of near universal opposition.

Ron Pulcer: Bernie, run for president of all 50 states

*+-Sanders doesn’t have to follow the same old primary path of past Democratic candidates, especially in the run up to the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.

John McClaughry: The governor’s ‘productive’ legislative session

*+-That appears as a new frontier in spin, possibly coupled with a bit of amnesia. Let’s review the report card.

Tim Loucks: AnC Bio – A groundbreaking with no politicians?

*+-The fact that the money for this project is being spent as fast as it came in should be a flashing warning light to everyone.

Suzi Wizowaty: Suicide, death from beating, or medical condition?

*+-Apparently within the last week, a man at Lee Adjustment Center in Kentucky died — and yet we can’t find out the details.

Matt Fisken: Telecommunications pork

*+-VTel has been planting many of its towers in places where people already have good broadband options while it adds to the electromagnetic radiation already present from other major wireless carriers.

Roi Ankori-Karlinsky: Expelling our kids to prison

*+-School discipline policies, both nationwide and here in Vermont, are hurting our students, our teachers, our safety and our wallets.

Don Rendall: Gas pipeline opponents miss the big picture

*+-The cost of home heating is a challenge for too many Vermonters. Our aim is to offer more households a practical, affordable choice.

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