Poor Elijah’s Almanack: Misconceptions that aren’t

While rejecting No Child Left Behind took Americans roughly a decade, a majority already know enough about the Common Core to conclude they don’t like it.

Don Keelan: The wealthier (nonprofits) keep getting richer

“At best, some millionaires and billionaires give money to tinker at the edges of today’s system but are unwilling to provide the dollars or advocacy voice that would lead to real change.”

Luann Therrien: First Wind’s buyout offer an insult

So here we are nearly three years into this nightmare and no closer to a resolution then we were on day one.

Barrie Dunsmore: Russia’s view of Ferguson

“Some of the most strident criticism of police violence in Ferguson has come from authoritarian nations where the police are often venerated and dissent is scarcely tolerated.”

Deb Richter: Two nice guys, one big difference

Phil Scott, the Republican incumbent, isn’t sure about publicly funded universal health care. Dean Corren, the Progressive candidate, is 100 percent for it.

Greg Marchildon: What about the ratepayers?

For far too long, Vermont’s utility customers have been at the mercy of a regulatory system that puts the interests of our state’s power companies ahead of ours.

Jessica Sandler: Future generations need more from Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation has been pushing for federal legislation that will result in the painful poisoning deaths of tens of millions of animals.

Stannard: Lies and the liars who tell them

To date roughly $14 million of taxpayers’ money has been spent in a desperate attempt to find something — anything — in the Benghazi incident that can be held up as wrongdoing.

Peter Sterling: Allaying concerns on universal health care

The Legislature installed “triggers” which would prevent Green Mountain Care from being implemented if the concerns Rep. Paul Ralston cited were to occur.

Chris Graff: Jeffords changed everything but himself

Sen. Jim Jeffords showed the nation the power of one.

Dan DeWalt: Parallel tragedies

Why does it matter that we seem to have forgotten the accidental murder of 290 Iranians by a United States ship?

Matt Fisken: Protecting precious passengers

Cellphone signals are absorbed into every part of our body, especially our eyes and reproductive organs which can lead to cataracts and infertility, respectively.

Paul Ralston: Single-payer is the only campaign issue

Voters have seen how poorly the state has performed at health care reform, and they are more cautious about supporting something that has yet to be described.

John McClaughry: End life support for Big Wind

The fate of Big Wind in Vermont is currently resting with a piece of legislation that has become hotly controversial in Congress.

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