Tiffany Bluemle and Linda Tarr-Whelan: For economic growth, invest in women and girls

Vermont would be wise to take a lead from the widely accepted international development strategy that investing in women and girls is a powerful economic growth and stability tool.

David Mears: Waterbury Reservoir’s future

The Agency of Natural Resources is holding an informal meeting on Oct. 7 to get public input before we begin the formal legal process of issuing a water quality certification for the Waterbury Reservoir Dam.

Rob Roper: Constitutional amendment a dangerous incumbent protection act

On Sept. 11, 54 U.S. senators voted along party lines to amend the U.S. Constitution so as to essentially do away with the First Amendment.

John McClaughry: Nelson’s encomium to Jeffords: an additional viewpoint

Garrison Nelson’s lengthy tribute to James M. Jeffords is very much the perspective of a liberal Democrat activist who over the years has rejoiced in the grief inflicted on Republicans by Jeffords.

Don George: Doing the math on cost-shifting

The current health care system unfairly burdens Vermont businesses and individuals who pay health insurance premiums by requiring them to subsidize the services that government programs (Medicaid and Medicare) provide but don’t fully pay for.

Barrie Dunsmore: Drubbing the president

The president, who friend or foe alike have praised or pummeled for his risk aversion, is now evidently taking the biggest risk of all — getting directly involved in another Middle East War.

Telly Halkias: Red Sox Nation should stand and cheer Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter, captain of the New York Yankees, warming up before a game at Camden Yards, 2007. Photo by Keith Allison/Wikepedia

It’s only fitting that Jeter takes his final swing not in the Bronx, but in Boston.

Bob Stannard: Buddy, can you loan me a dime?

Now, after 60-plus years of being in business and having made a lot of money and some bad decisions, nuclear plant operators are coming back to you, the taxpayer, for yet another handout.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: A collection of symptoms

While curriculum rebounds between “Ovid” and Mark Zuckerberg, battle lines on the assessment front are drawn between proponents of standardized testing and educators who rail against what they deride as “drill and kill” education.

Elizabeth Courtney: A win-win-win

The health of our beloved and life-supporting lake is threatened by phosphorus overloading from runoff throughout the watershed.

Buzz Hoerr: How can things be different on Lake Champlain?

Continuing a half hearted, underfunded and under-regulated effort … has not given the public the improvements the EPA and Vermont state government are required to produce and will not in the future.

Jamie Gage: Vermont a model of collaboration

Across the state, forward-thinking professionals are reaching out to professionals in other economic sectors — whether for-profit, nonprofit, or government — to build innovative solutions to societal problems and forge partnerships to help sustainability overall.

Oliver Olsen: Why IT projects fail

The sad reality is that the failed roll-out of Vermont Health Connect is hardly an anomaly in the world of IT projects.

Don Keelan: Vermont heroes 2014

The day’s event was not necessarily about golf — it was about recognizing the commitment made by the 33 young Vermonters to our country.

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