Bruce Lisman: Terrorism, Syria and Vermont’s security

Gov. Peter Shumlin’s first priority following Paris seems to be exploiting the tragedy for political gain and bullying his opponents.

Rebecca Holcombe: Giving thanks to teachers

Our state is full of educators who quietly go above and beyond to support our children, knowing that if they don’t, nobody will.

Patrick Leahy: Let’s resolve to end hunger

Each and every day, millions of Americans face the uncertainty of not knowing when they and their families will have their next meals.

Mark Whitworth: Degrading our defenses

In the past few weeks, two of the architects of Gov. Shumlin’s energy policies acknowledged that the policies will have no impact on climate change.

Peter Shumlin: Reversing the trend of rising incarceration rates

It costs a staggering $62,000 per year to lock up an inmate in Vermont.

John McClaughry: Freedom as the school district solution

Suppose voters, in choosing to create a unified district, were allowed to choose to make it an “Educational Freedom District.” Here’s where things get interesting.

Mary Sullivan: Taxing carbon a proven policy solution

Wouldn’t it be better to think big and figure out how to reduce our carbon use and plan for this inevitable future rather than to hold on to oil, gas, and coal to the bitter end?

Jonathan Lewis: Welch’s stance against corn ethanol is not anti-environment

The corn ethanol lobby is busy jockeying for unfettered access to its favorite federal subsidy.

Barrie Dunsmore: Shooting from the hip

America very much needs leaders who have the knowledge to understand the complexities of the Middle East.

Patrick Leahy: Our enemy is ISIS, not refugees fleeing ISIS

Vermont has a proud and compassionate history of welcoming refugees.

Kevin Ellis: Prescription for Montpelier

The city of Montpelier is sitting at a fork in the road, and it needs to take it.

Bill Schubart: It’s not about the money

We can do better helping Vermonters in need.

Cindy Humiston Weed: GOP fanning the flames on carbon tax

The misinformation coming out of the mouths of Vermont Republicans plays to the lowest form of politics.

Bruce Post: ‘Shall her mountains die?’

We boast of old victories, but today, Vermont’s mountains are once more at risk.

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