Marc Sherman: Legislature needs to see cumulative effect

*+-Businesses need the Vermont Legislature to not push any harder and let us recover from the still lagging economy.

Chris Donnelly: Affordable housing’s economic ripple effect

*+-According to the National Association of Home Builders, for every 10 apartments built, 12.2 construction-related jobs are created. After they are built, the people in them support another three jobs in the community.

Don Keelan: College debt — a pending disaster?

*+-It appears that the amount of college debt is now at an astounding $1.1 trillion and growing.

John Castle: If Vermont were a school …

*+-Small schools provide learning opportunities that are sometimes different, but not necessarily lesser in value or quality.

Rob Roper: Time to take climate change debate to next level

*+-If we develop all of Vermont’s usable ridge lines with industrial wind turbines, and develop thousands of acres of pasture land with industrial solar plants, will that have any impact on global climate trends either directly or indirectly?

Jeffrey Lewis: Whistling up the economy

*+-With the Windham County Economic Development Program reboot, the governor and ACCD are trying again to make a loan program work in a situation where access to lending is not the primary issue.

Giddings, King & Edgerton: Where are the savings in consolidation?

*+-The purpose of reform is to enhance education and to address rising costs. The effects of recently proposed legislation would fail on both counts.

Chris Tormey: Consolidation no sure bet to lower taxes

*+-Given the changes to Vermont schools under H.361, the Legislature should be certain that this plan will reduce spending and cut taxes. It’s not clear that it will.

Patrick Walsh: Eliminate exemptions for vaccines

*+-Everyone should support getting rid of the philosophical and religious exemptions – everyone should be vaccinated against preventable diseases.

Carol Brigham: Give Education Quality Standards a chance

*+-Passing legislation previous to reviews of Education Quality Standards is rash and potentially damaging to many high functioning school systems and student opportunities and learning outcomes across the state.

Cyrus Patten: The evidence for consolidation was never there

*+-The demise of H.361 was a foregone conclusion because of the lack of evidentiary support.

Michel Consejo: Ups and downs in the education bill

*+-I am sad that we are scrapping the best attempt I have seen in years at meaningful reform in education, because our so-called leaders are concerned for their political careers.

Emily McManamy: For the next generation, solar is an asset

*+-I am looking to “protect the value” of my home, but I choose to do so by investing in an infrastructure that supports Vermont’s clean energy independence. I choose solar.

David Rangaviz: Civil recovery laws need repealing

*+-Civil recovery laws are defended as a means to reimburse for losses caused by shoplifters who go uncaught. With such a justification, civil recovery laws are unique in their forthright unfairness.

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