Milne launches TV ads

Presumptive GOP gubernatorial nominee Scott Milne has launched the first salvo of TV ads in the 2014 election cycle with a 30-second spot that will air on local news affiliates.

Republican travel agency executive Scott Milne formally launches his campaign for governor Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at the Aldrich Public Library in Barre. Photo by Anne Galloway/VTDigger

Republican travel agency executive Scott Milne formally launches his campaign for governor July 23 at the Aldrich Public Library in Barre. Photo by Anne Galloway/VTDigger

Milne said Tuesday that the first ad provides insight into Gov. Peter Shumlin’s “greatest failings” as governor, and presents Vermonters with a viable alternative.

The spot will air through next Tuesday’s primary. Watch the ad here.

The GOP field is thin, with Milne’s greatest threat appears to be coming from a write-in campaign by Libertarian candidate Dan Feliciano.

But Milne said it is important for his campaign to take to the airwaves before they get “cluttered” with ads he anticipates from Shumlin and his “massive campaign war chest.”

Shumlin raised $67,451 in the last reporting period leaving him with $1.13 million to spend on his re-election bid. The governor has said repeatedly he won’t begin campaigning until after Labor Day.

Milne has raised $42,790, as of his Aug. 15 campaign finance report, and spent $28,324, leaving him with $14,500.

The TV ads cost $18,730, according to his Aug. 18 mass media report. That means Milne has either loaned his campaign money or raised more money to cover the cost of the ads since his last campaign filing (Milne has already loaned his campaign $350).

The ad takes aim at Shumlin’s “unbridled experimentation with state government,” using footage from Milne’s campaign kickoff and a fervent endorsement from former Republican Gov. Jim Douglas.

Milne said part of the ad’s purpose is to beg the question whether Vermont should be “the most radical state in the country every day,” and whether that’s in the best interest of average Vermonters.

He cited the botched, and he says, overly aggressive rollout of the Affordable Care Act, an unnecessarily overreaching GMO labeling bill that “invited lawsuits,” and the governor’s push for single-payer health care program as examples of imprudent experimentation.

The ads will air on WPTZ, WCAX, ABC 22, and Fox 44.

Morgan True


  1. Deb Tyson :

    Nobody wants to hear about things we already know, so smear campaigns are not what the people want to hear. I don’t know you , I have never heard of you., and first impressions are everything. Who are you? What have you done and what are you planning to do to help VT? Like I said I for one do not want to hear trash, but facts. I am not a GOP fan , so what you need to do to get my vote is tell me about you and show me why you would be a better choice and what you have achieved so far. Trash campaigns will lose my attention.

  2. Jamie Carter :

    Shumlin has screwed up so badly beating him should not be a challenge and yet here we have Milne. He maybe a decent guy and maybe more then capable but so far his campaign is failing badly. Late launch, late roll out, almost no media coverage, no policy announcments, no ideas…

    Now we have a wasted and pointless ad. This is his opportunity to introduce himself and his ideas to Vters and instead we have a recap of Douglas’ introduction speech. Really? What are his policies? What are his stances? If Milne doesn’t turn it around quickly it’s going to be a landslide for Shummy… in an election that half a dozen democrats could probably beat him.

    -How are we going to lower taxes?
    -What alternative to Single Payer or Single Payer Financing does Milne support?
    -What exactly is he going to do to help VTers?
    -What changes does he plan to institute?

    Streamline government? Sure Scott, how do you plan on doing that? Property taxes too high… no kidding what’s your plan to address that? Be brave and put forth some actual ideas… show the people you are a leader.

    • Glenn Thompson :

      Personally, I’d vote for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (Shumlin is that bad) before voting for Shumlin! I’m not impressed with Milne, and as of now I would vote for Feliciano. It’s unfortunate the GOP couldn’t put forward a quality candidate to run against Shumlin. I think if either Dubie or Brock ran against him….Shumlin is vulnerable enough where either one of them could turn it into a tight race!

      As it stands now….Shumlin will probably win in a landslide. The irony in that, Shumlin due to his poor job performance (IMHO) should be tossed out! Vermont politics has become that bad!

  3. Darcie Johnston :

    Here is a recent commentary from John McClaughry on Milne vs Feliciano.

  4. Paul Lorenzini :

    he might be a wunderkind, only time will tell.



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