Vermont prohibited idling of motor vehicles law effective May 5

News Release — Idle-Free VT
May 2, 2014

Wayne Michaud
Director, Idle-Free VT Inc.
[email protected]

Montpelier, Vermont, May 5, 2014 – Vermont’s prohibited idling of motor vehicles law takes effect May 5, 2014. This law applies to all motor vehicles. It limits the idling of vehicles to five minutes in any 60-minute period. A penalty of $10.00 will be assessed for a first violation; $50.00 for a second violation; $100.00 for a third and subsequent violations.

There are exceptions to the five-minute limit, including but not limited to:

• Police, fire or emergency vehicle idling
• Commercial bus idling when passengers are on board
• Idling to ensure adequate windshield defrosting
• Idling to power work-related operations for trucks
• Idling for sleeper berth purposes
• Idling for maintenance, repair, service or diagnostic purposes
• Idling on private property for vehicles of 10,000 pounds or less

To read the full law, Google: “Prohibited idling of motor vehicles” or visit:

For more information about idling laws, facts, and the significant benefits in avoiding unnecessary idling, visit

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Idle-Free VT Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a goal of raising awareness of unnecessary vehicle idling (idling when parked) in Vermont by encouraging adoption of policies, practices, resolutions and curricula, and enactment of laws, to limit vehicle idling.

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  1. Debt Tyson :

    Well you have to give them credit for thinking up new ways to get money out of people. Priceless. With the cost of GAS, nobody lets a vehicle idle longer than it has to. This is a foolish wasted time of tax dollars to of even have a discussion about this.

  2. sandra bettis :

    yay!!!! save the polar bears!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jon Culligan :

    I thought the polar bears were struggling due to an overabundance of ice this year? Reports indicate there’s over 16 ft in Alaska’s Arctic coast.

  4. Linda Wysocki :

    So will all law enforcement individuals now be issued timers that are certified to be accurate? What a waste of legislative time and money.

  5. David Black :

    What about or trucks?

  6. Jason Wells :

    So if I read this correctly if your vehicle is over 10,000lbs you cant idle on PRIVATE PROPERTY. Did I read that correctly? Are Police now going to stake out log yards, truck stops, and work sites on PRIVATE PROPERTY? Should I be looking over my shoulder for a jack booted thug with camo and stopwatch when im having a coffee break in the woods while leaving my skidder running?

    Perhaps I can send the bill to this idle free vt group for my time and money when my stater motor dies early as well?

  7. Jason Wells :

    Here is a fun snippet from the text of the bill.

    (c) In addition to the exemptions set forth in subdivision (a)(2) of this section, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, in consultation with the Secretary of Natural Resources, may adopt rules governing times or circumstances when operation of the primary propulsion engine of a stationary motor vehicle is reasonably required.

    Nice way to let them do whatever they want after the fact with no oversight. Whats next warm up time regulation by declaration? The above line from the bill allows for it! There must be a dispensary within walking distance to the Golden Dome cause these people are living in a cloud of something.

  8. Rob Roy Macgregor :

    It seems to me that people should be conscious of this anyway, by now. But maybe the fact that gas is so cheap means that people don’t care about wasting it. I mean there’s so much of it to go around, who cares?

    I (seriously) wish that the road crews and emergency services people would ask people to shut off their engines when there are traffic delays due to roadwork or accidents, and when they know full well that no one is going anywhere soon. I’ve considered getting out of the car myself and doing this, except with my luck the line would start moving as soon as I reached the far end of the line and then I’d be the one holding up traffic.

    Would it be too much to ask for crews to be equipped with signage asking motorists to stop idling for the duration of the delay? Something with a write-able surface where staff could attach an estimated time- duration for the delay?



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