Slideshow: Montpelier dresses up for the holidays

Photographer Roger Crowley captured the spirit of the holidays around the capital city. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the staff at VTDigger. (Click on an image to start the slideshow).


  1. Kathy Leonard :

    Just lovely… thanks Digger.

  2. Wayne Andrews :

    Yes very beautiful but where are the energy efficiency people? Most of these strands are LEDs but is it all warranted?

  3. Doug Spaulding :

    You are joking, right Wayne? And what, pray tell, is on your tree, and might that be an artificial tree or a real tree or a non existent tree?

  4. Wayne Andrews :

    We are told everyday to conserve electricity and yearly have an increased EEC on our electric bills. Doesn’t it seem proper for our State government as well as those folks in Montpelier to trumpet conservation? I would like to see what progress the owners of these “snapshot” locations have done to hold down electric bills and usage.
    As I have implied in my many typings and most of my comments the overall thinking with our liberal Vermont government is “Do as I tell you to do and not like I do”

  5. Ross Laffan :

    There’s a war on, you know. If they hadn’t put up lights people would have screamed about the war on Xmas.

  6. Donna Collette :

    Great pictures of Montpelier – was so nice to see these and wonderful Montpelier at Christmas time. Miss the Holidays in Vermont but the weather in Florida is nice and sunny.
    Thanks for the memories on what Montpelier looks like at Christmas.

    John and Donna Collette

  7. rosemarie jackowski :

    Pretty, but can we afford it?
    Here’s a way to save money…pull the plug on the entire building for the next 6 months. The legislators can meet by video conference and vote from home. Think of all the money that would be saved – not only on the building itself, but also travel costs etc.

  8. Wayne Andrews :

    I would like to hear from my reps that these lights were on a timer, perhaps going off at 1am or so. I would like to hear that brighter more efficient lights were used.
    Yes we need X-Mas lights and holiday cheer but lets all pull on the same side of the rope.

  9. Diane Mallette :

    Formidable! Montpelier est tellement joli à Noël. JOYEUX NOËL ET BONNE HEUREUSE ANNÉE à tous les résidents de Montpelier.



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