Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund holds talk

News Release — Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
Dec. 7, 2013

Phone 802-723-4046


A presentation by the

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Friday, December 13, 2013, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Sunrise Manor, 94 Main St. Island Pond, VT

(Beside the Brighton Town Hall, along the lake)

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit legal group that assists communities to draft ordinances to protect their citizens and towns from corporate harm. The CELDF has assisted more than 150 communities across the U.S. to put in place rules that stop unwanted industrial development and harmful industrial actions.

The CELDF recently provided assistance to the small town of Grafton, NH, in drafting an ordinance to defend the town against an unwanted industrial wind development. The residents believe the ordinance was instrumental in the withdrawal of industrial wind developer Iberdola from their proposed Grafton wind project. The following quote was taken from the NH Union Leader, 14 Nov 2013:

“But Grafton residents say Iberdrola changed its mind because town voters adopted an article titled “Right to a Sustainable Energy Future and Community Self-Governing Ordinance.”

The ordinance uses state and federal law to assert the town’s authority over energy projects, said (Grafton) Selectman Sean Frost. It cites the Declaration of Independence statement that governments are instituted to secure the rights of people, and cites the New Hampshire Constitution’s statement that “all government of right originates from the people, is founded in consent and instituted for the general good.”

“That ordinance was the only weapon we had, and it worked,” said resident Gen Smith.”

Admission is free – Donations welcome

Questions? E-mail:

Phone 802-723-4046

Here is the link to the Grafton ordinance:


  1. Jim Barrett :

    This group appears top me to be a anti business group made up of disgruntled citizens and lawyers. In addition to the anti business format, it also appears to be a group who only allows what they want to happen in towns using facetious laws and blockades to stymie freedom in America. Many towns now consider a family moving in as harmful while the complainers had been in that town only a few months themselves. I don’t care what the federal, state and town laws say, they are often discriminatory and hateful. Example: towns using large square foot requirements for new homes so as to indirectly outlaw mobile homes. If your rich your welcome but if you can’t afford a million dollar home then stay out attitude.

  2. Kathy Nelson :

    Mr. Barrett, what is the point of your comment? Do you believe it is wrong for communities to use constitutional law to protect their homes and towns? Is it okay for big corporations to misuse the law to enrich themselves no matter who they hurt? It does not appear that you took the time to look into the workings of the Community Environmental Defense Fund at all. Please take the time to do so.

  3. Pam Arborio :

    Another voice with hints that Vermonter’s can’t make rational decisions on their own.
    It’s a lecture Mr. Barrett, not brainwashing. People will listen and make their own judgements on the material presented. Please give them credit for the ability to either investigate further or move on.

    • Bob Orleck :

      I hope it is well attended. It sounds like a good thing!



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