VBSR announces open enrollment for Business Energy Action challenge

News Release — VBSR
Oct. 7, 2013

BURLINGTON — Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) today announced that year two open enrollment for the Business Energy Action challenge has begun and runs through the end of 2013. Business Energy Action is dedicated to helping Vermont companies reduce their energy consumption by 5% per year for three years.

“Year one has yielded some great success,” said Andrea Cohen, Executive Director of VBSR. “We’ve been able to support over 50 Vermont businesses as they reduce the energy needed to power their lights, heating and cooling, and equipment. The technical support and tools provided by Business Energy Action help companies chart a course of action that will yield the greatest savings and ROI.”

Although Business Energy Action is a program of VBSR, companies don’t need to be members of the organization to participate. Open enrollment will go through the end of the year and is open to any Vermont business, large or small.

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  1. guy page :

    Energy efficiency at home and in business must continue to be part of Vermont’s energy policy. The challenge is making it affordable, and helping potential energy savers to realize that it IS affordable. I am hoping that net metering, and good marketing by efficiency providers, will help energy users realize what a powerful tool they have at their disposal.



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