Transition in Irene Recovery Leadership

Contact: Jeb Spaulding


Secretary of Administration Jeb Spaulding announced today that Dave Rapaport, Vermont’s Irene Recovery Officer, will leave his position on April 5th for a private sector position with Aveda in Minnesota. Ben Rose, Chief of the newly created Recovery and Mitigation Division within the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, will assume the responsibilities of the Irene Recovery Office as part of his overall duties.

Kate Ash, who has served as Rapaport’s deputy, will continue to focus on Irene recovery in the Secretary’s Office, in particular on the FEMA Individual Assistance program.

“Dave has done a great job ensuring all of our recovery partners are working in concert to provide the best assistance we possibly can. We remain committed to completing Vermont’s recovery from Irene and strengthening the capacity across State government to prepare for and respond to future disasters. To that end, Migrating the responsibilities of the Irene Recovery Office over to the recently reorganized Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security makes a lot of sense at this time,” Spaulding explained.

For the past year, Rose has been the acting state Public Assistance Officer, managing interaction with FEMA for reimbursement on over 3000 municipal and state infrastructure projects resulting from Irene and the spring 2011 storms.

“It makes sense to begin to transfer oversight to the new division we’ve created to maintain this important capacity going forward, and we’re very fortunate to maintain continuity with Ben in this post as a result of his work on the recovery over the past year,” added Governor Peter Shumlin.

Craig Idlebrook



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