Updated: Music CD to debut from Vermont’s African refugee community

This press release was updated on June 25 with a new date for the release party. The new date is July 27.

May 9, 2012

David Cooper
[email protected]

“Africa, Vermont,” the first music CD to emerge from Vermont’s dynamic refugee community, will be released on June 29th. A year in the making and funded in part by their current Indiegogo campaign and a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation and with mentorship from the Vermont Folklife Center, the eleven track CD is a musical hybid reflecting the group’s African roots, yet fused with a modern contemporary style. The resulting genre has been called “Urban Global.”

The group, A2VT, consists of members Said Bulle (Somalia/Burlington), George Mnyonge (Tanzania/Winooski) and Cadoux Dzingou (The Congo/Burlington). They have been recording for the past year with producer David Cooper at Creamy Goodness Studio in Burlington’s Old North End. Though all members now speak English, languages heard on the CD also include their native Swahili, French, Mai Mai, Somali and Kirundi.

With the number of New Americans living in Vermont on the rise, so has their desire to influence and contribute to greater community. The reality of coming from a foreign land to Vermont and the resolution and/or tension between two cultures is a theme prevalent throughout the CD. “I don’t know of anyone who wrote a song about Winooski before. But we did it!” says member Said Bulle. “This is an important story that can only be told by these New Americans, and it’s a uniquely Vermont one,” says Cooper.

The group hopes to raise $5,000 by June 7th from their Indiegogo campaign to cover costs of mixing, mastering, graphic design, maufacturing and promotion.

The CD release party and performance will be at Studio A of the North End Studio, 294 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, VT on July 27th at 8PM. (802) 863-6713

Indiegogo link: www.indiegogo.com/A2VT

Facebook link: www.facebook.com/A2VT

Youtube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr6XhI-FyhE

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