Kilawatt Technologies Inc. is pleased to take Vermont Public Television: Beyond Smart Grid

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Kilawatt’s Beyond Smart Grid will provide the granularity to understand energy consumption. Beyond Smart Grid will identify energy management projects with calculated, data based Return on Investments. Such an evaluation is critical to targeting your energy efficiency dollars to provide superior return on your investment.

Working with Vermont Public Television at their Colchester Facility, Kilawatt Technologies has implemented a sophisticated energy sub-metering system that goes far beyond smart grid.

Based on the robust Beyond Smart Grid data, Kilawatt Technologies has identified 29 projects at the Vermont Public Television’s Colchester Facility that, when implemented, will significantly reduce the total energy load. On an individual basis, each project has a Return on Investment of less than one year.

Kilawatt Technologies provides energy and environmental management services that delivers these savings through superior analysis, oversight and verification of projects.

About Vermont Public Television
Vermont Public Television has been broadcasting to the people of Vermont and the surrounding region since 1970. As Vermont’s only statewide public television network, VPT is a trusted and independent source for news, events, education, and entertainment. For the latest community cinemas, political affairs, and educational outreach from all of VPR’s services, visit

About Kilawatt Technologies
Kilawatt Technologies, founded in 2008, provides a data-centric, statistically-based, energy and environmental management program. The methods involve continuous trending and analysis of energy and interior environmental data for commercial, multi-family and industrial buildings.

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