Donovan calls for limits on corporate campaign contributions

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State’s Attorney Donovan Calls for Curbing Corporate Influence on Campaigns; Applauds National Effort to Repeal Citizens United Case

BURLINGTON, VT – Chittenden County State’s Attorney TJ Donovan called for a renewed effort to limit the impact of corporate campaign contributions, joining a national effort to overturn the controversial campaign finance law, Citizens United today.

“There’s no debating the impact Citizens United is having at the federal level,” Donovan said. “Corporations are flooding the airwaves with political advertisements, drowning out the voices of everyday people.”

A national campaign spearheaded by Montana’s Attorney General and progressive groups like Democracy for America calls on Attorneys General to commit to overturning Citizens United in their own states.

“I believe we must do everything we can to protect our democracy from undue influence, make sure that every citizen, every Vermonter, has an equal voice in government, and I think it starts with getting rid of Citizens United,” said Donovan.

“I applaud Democracy for America and the coalition of organizations leading the charge on such an important issue and hope that Vermonters will join me in fighting to bring balance back to our political process by curbing the limitless flow of corporate dollars into campaigns coffers.”

“As Attorney General, I will fight for more transparency and accountability in our state electoral process,” said Donovan who recently announced his candidacy for the office of Vermont’s Attorney General.

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  1. Stan Hopson :

    So we ban Union political money too, right? What’s fair is fair, right?

    Maybe ask the President when you’re with him tomorrow why he’s organized his own SuperPac…come on now, we elected him because he was a DIFFERENT type of leader, you know real HOPE & CHANGE…

  2. Alex Barnham :

    We’re having a blue light special over at the gas pumps…keep up the good work shoppers. Get out them credit cards and SPEND YOURSELVES SILLY.



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